Are there any plans to get rid of server boundaries?

Everytime I cross one, for a brief moment,  I think the year is 1997


  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,333
    Know these lines are a pain especially when what you want to attack is on the other side.  But UO is an old game incorporating state of the art technology from the 90’s so probably they are here to stay.  I have one near the house that I end up crossing almost every time I log on.  My character slows down and starts and stops for a short time until the server stabilizes.  After that it’s usually no problem.  Just a normal part of my logon now.

  • The game has one single coder on it.  No way is this happening.  
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 2,292
    Yes the equipment we have today could easily support a single land mass think of what you are asking  Tram and Fell by far hold the most houses and the largest houses with the most items in them and all that stuff is on a sectioned map and you are asking that UO transfers all that information over to a map with only 1 section could you imagine all the oh shit possibilities that could happen with that move.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UO Dev Team do not try this I like all my Castles/location/items to think of what might happen.
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