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  • Update:  Governor Zoogi of Skara Brae announced at last night's Governor's meeting that he will participate in the joint effort to inspire and promote the Artisan's Festival this year.

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    There are now 5 Governors participating. They are Governor Hate of Jhelom, Governor WildStar of Magincia, Governor Amber Witch of Moonglow, Governor Zoogi of Skara Brae and Governor Crazy Diamond of Yew. Each of these Governors have set up a donation box (mailbox) to make it easier for folk to drop off donations. Please make sure you note which one of these cities your bods are for. If you don't they'll go to the city that needs them to get a full tree.

    This first location is at the Brit Crossroads Trammel and is for the city of Moonglow but will take donations for the other cities as well. The house name is Crossroads Cottage and the owner is Worst Witch Ever.

    The next location is outside the west Umbra gate and is for the city of Magincia but will take donations for the other cities as well. The house name is Kingdom of Dawn.... and the owner is Vaughn McCloud.

    The next location is at the NW corner of Luna and is for the city of Yew but will take donations for the other cities as well. The house name is Deal or No Deal.... and the owner is Blackwater.

    Once I get the other locations they will also be posted.
    Thank you.

  • Thank you Blue Betty for being the first to make a donation of large bods! The ice has been broken and we're on the way!
  • Thank you Gumby for your donation of large bods! Your hard work is soooo appreciated! o:)
  • Moonglow has now received a little more than 25% (6,500) of the points needed to put the star on the tree thanks to the generous donations of large bods from the following benefactors.

    <3 Blue Betty
    <3 Gumby
    <3 James
    <3 Balian
    <3 Hangnail
    <3 Daniel
    You all are Moonglow Heros!

    As of October 1st we have 60 days left to come up with the remaining 18,500 points. In the past this was done through the efforts of just a couple people. This year, already, we're seeing more people crankily crafting and talking about it in General Chat. We're seeing it happen! Baja is pulling it together as Baja does.

    So we're getting into the busy season with all the Halloween event fun stuff, Hythloth and then into Krampus. So if you can, please take a couple minutes to keep up with the daily bod runs and put together bods when you can so we can avoid that last minute mad bod rush. If you need bods, call out in GC what you need. Most likely someone will have what you need. People are always willing to help. After all, we just want to get these dang bods done and over with!
    I'll be starting a thread on the other forum for posting bods needed.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Did someone say you can donate 25M to the tree. I didn't know you could use gold to advance a tree.
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    All Govs I have 25,285 Bank Points for Trees, let me know what you need and again which cities do/do not have people working on them.
  • Did someone say you can donate 25M to the tree. I didn't know you could use gold to advance a tree.

    No. The Elf only accepts bods. If only that were true!
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    Did someone say you can donate 25M to the tree. I didn't know you could use gold to advance a tree.
    its is 25K bank points on Bulk Order Deeds
    that is probably where the confusion came in
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    Glad to say I just teamed up with Angel and so far Angel has enough points to do YEW and I have enough points to do SKARA and together we hope to do Vesper and with the help of WildStar opening up her BOD stash to us who knows how many more we may get done. I have placed a Lion Mailbox at Whispering Rose Castle just north by northeast of Yew Gate for any donations to any and all cities. Thank you al very much for your help.

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    Skara 25K Tree Points
    Vesper 24K Tree Points so far
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 2,115
    Skara and Vesper DONE
  • Mid-October Update: 6 cities! 150,000 bank points! So when we first started this we really didn't expect this outpouring of support and participation. In less than 6 weeks the 5 cities that participated were done plus another city, Vesper was done! The group of folk doing bods decided to do Vesper because of the goodwill generated by the newly appointed Governor of Vesper, Hangnail. Governor Hangnail had made sizable donations of bods to both Magincia and Moonglow as she didn't think people would donate to Vesper because she was new to the shard and people didn't know her. When word of this got around, Bodders decided that, hell ya, Vesper was going to get a tree! So this holiday season we'll be able to have fun with Krampus and with the new dungeon champ spawn and be able to focus on those without having to think about doing bods. That's a huge relief for crafters who work the Artisan Festival. To be able to actually enjoy Krampus and not think about bods.... this is a first! Those of you who have donated are all part of Angel's Legacy. You're all Heros. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Amber Witch,  I have 209 large BODs worth 18,320 points to donate for Baja.  They are on Great Lakes though.  I will PM you to arrange pick up.  ;)
  • Thank you Shandara! My old home is still on GL and I have transfer shields for GL so I can take care of that. Give me a couple days please. My days are a bit hectic right now but hopefully soon things will ease up.
    Again, thank you so much!
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    That is GREAT @Shandara TYVM
  • For those of you that have contacted me about donating bods I'll be back in action on the 17th. I've been away for 5 weeks tending to my 93 year old mother who fell and broke her hip and wrist. My brother came in a week ago to relieve me so I've been making a slow trip home decompressing along the way.

    Thank you all for everything. You're all wicked amazing. (fyi, wicked is New England slang for really good or really cool)
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    Glad to hear your mom is doing better.  Have a safe trip home.
  • Great news indeed.  I still have the BODs on Greatlakes, was going to ask about hitchiking to Baja with some junk small BODs filled for my toons too.  Speak with you soon.
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    @AmberWitch @Shandara I have Shard Shields to Great Lakes so if you need me to I can go get them and drop them in your Mailbox.
  • Thank you Shardara of Great Lakes for you donation of large Bods!!!!


    Minoc.... Boom!

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    Thank You @AmberWitch, I xfered a player over to help out then got told Momma is coming home Wend so had get her bedroom and living room set up for her, still putting things together and the kids will do all the cooking for Thanksgiving.  Sorry @Shandara
  • Oh Frodo that's great news! It's a lot of work to get the house ready. I just did all that too at my mom's house so I know what you're going through. But right in time for Thanksgiving and your kids are doing the cooking to boot! What a great holiday!

    I meant to check in with you first on the GL transfer but to be honest I got distracted and then totally forgot. Glad that in the end it worked out.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Thank you Cirianara for the donation of large bods!
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    Thank you all.  I just can't say it enough. I'm just so amazed.

    And to think that 2 months ago I was saying to myself 'don't get disappointed, if you get a total of 500 bank points you'll be doing well'.

    200,000 bank points later.... WE.... ARE.... DONE!!!!

     we're sooo gonna have an Artisan's Festival!

    Details on celebration forthcoming!

    Thank you all!

    heartJhelom Done by Governor Hate and Companyheart

    heartMinoc Done by Shandaraheart

    heartMoonglow Done by Adriana, Amber Witch, Balian, Blue Betty, Chimera, Daniel, Gumby, Hangnail, Hephasto, James and Pokey.heart

    heartNew Magincia Done by Angel, James, Wild Lemons and Wild Star and Companyheart

    heartSkara Brae Done by HRH Lizheart

    heartTrinsic Done by Cirianara, Shandara and Amber Witchheart

    heartVesper Done by HRH Liz heart

    heartYew Done by Angelheart

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    Is Brit part of this?  Are there any other cities?
  • I have no clue about Brit. All other cities are done.
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     :)  HRH Liz/Lord Frodo. 
  • Now to figure out the rest of your characters.... Only taken a decade for this one. >:)
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