wildfire ostard PVP

Hi I am looking for information on the wildfire ossy, here's a few questions I have, ty :)

can you tell how much Poison ability is replenished when you feed it Blackrock Stew

how long does 1 bowl of Blackrock Stew last, or do i have to feed it that like i feed my pets to keep happy

what would be good Special MovesSpecial Abilities or Area of Effects

what would be a good Magical Abilities

I don't PVP, but I would still like to find out information on this pet, you never know one day I might say  "All kill that nasty pker"

 :)   ty


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    Uo.cah has the builds !! I hate the whole BlackRock stew thing but it is a decent build 
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    24 hours ,logged in or not, if not using it per stew.

    It was theorised when banes came out that each stew gave 2400ish mana, each hour this pool dropped by 100, and each counter attack it made took 5-20 mana.

  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,742
    I hate being locked into stew...
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    hi ty :)  that stew information I like it its helps 

    ty for the suggestion on cah builds,
    the 2 builds they have are for :

    PvP Spec: Mortal Poison

    • Magical Ability: Magery
    • Special Move: Mortal Strike
    • Area Effect: Poison Breath

    PvP Spec: Vicious Poison

    • Magical Ability: Magery
    • Special Ability: Vicious Bite
    • Area Effect: Poison Breath

    I know I found a web page that shows broken pet skills

    Pet abilities that do not work


    I am wondering if other skills work for pvp, like the list we are capable of picking from
    on the cah web site for this pet.
    are only those 4 mentioned good to pvp?

    Magical AbilitiesSpecial AbilitiesSpecial MovesArea of Effects
    • Chivalry
    • Discordance
    • Magery Mastery
    • Mysticism
    • Poisoning
    • Spellweaving
    • Bushido
    • Ninjitsu
    • Battle Defense
    • Bashing
    • Piercing
    • Slashing
    • Wrestle Mastery
    • Angry Fire
    • Conductive Blast
    • Dragon Breath
    • Grasping Claw
    • Inferno
    • Lightning Force
    • Mana Drain
    • Raging Breath
    • Repel
    • Searing Wounds
    • Venomous Bite
    • Vicious Bite
    • Armor Ignore
    • Armor Pierce
    • Bladeweave
    • Bleed
    • Cold Wind
    • Concussion Blow
    • Crushing Blow
    • Dismount
    • Feint
    • Force of Nature
    • Frenzied Whirlwind
    • Mortal Strike
    • Nerve Strike
    • Paralyze
    • Psychic Attack
    • Talon Strike

    • Aura of Energy
    • Explosive Goo
    • Essence of Earth
    • Aura of Nausea
    • Poison Breath
    • Essence of Disease
    thank you again for the information given so far :)

    I don't pvp thats why I want to get information, its good to have a pvp pet incase I decide to 1 day do it :)   I don't want to wreck a pvp pet that cost me 200 event drops and I might not get again in the next who knows how many events till its back in the list to buy from.
    I'm sure there must be a couple of tamers that pvp and got this pet.

    Thank you for all information :)
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    If you have character on Pac i can show you mine
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  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    “Everything but discordance and apparently armor ignore (need to confirm) will work for pvp, those 4 are just what people feel works best

    I might go outside the box with my wf ostard”
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  • GoldieGoldie Posts: 142
    i just parked my mount in the bank for now, until i can get another one from an event I don't want to train it.  Thank you for the information you have given me :)
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