• In the scenario where we have a tie for the largest fish, the 1st fish turned in for the month will be crowned the winner.
  • DcBarnumDcBarnum Posts: 15
    edited October 2021
    I would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest. In total anglers dropped off 3120 stones worth of fish!! 

    Winner of the Spring Dragonfish with a weight of 141 stones, Anon McDougle! congratulations.
    Honorable mentions:
    Fleppy- 138
    Beauford- 49 stones

    Winner of the Yellowtail Barracuda with a weight of 194 stones, Fern! congratulations.
    2nd place with a weight of 192 stones, Cicero!
    3rd place with a weight of 191 stones, Beauford!
    Honorable mentions:
    Livia Kasov- 191 stones (turned in after Beaufords fish)
    Mae West- 187 stones
    Ariel- 185 stones
    Capt Bloody Wild- 183 stones
    Fleppy- 172 stones
    Anon McDougle- 172 stones
    Lady Elena- 80 stones

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