Toad Town Live Auction: Week 6 - Sunday, August 29th @ 6PM Eastern

When: Sunday, August 29th @ 6PM Eastern
Where: Toad Town Auction House, Located outside Luna North Gate
*Submissions closed*

Next Auction: Sunday, September 5th @ 6PM Eastern
*Submissions open*

Auction General Information can be found at this link:


Auction Item List for August 29th, 2021

1) A Mountain Climber Who Rested A Moment Too Long
2) Horned Bod Book With 60 Horned Bobs Inside
3) Slime (hue 2735)
4) Old 2006 Valentine's Cards (x2)
5) Garbage (Yamato 2010)
6) First Aid Belt
7) An Easter Bunny Raised In ____ Package (x37)
8) 19 Pieces of Legendary & Major Artifact Armor/Jewels
9) U'natoks Battle Plans
10) A Squeaky Squid Tentacle Toy
11) Gorgoneion of the Garjana
12) Crown of Corruption
13) A Tunic of Exceptional Quality & 'Of Exceptional Quality' Package
14) Sherry the Mouse & Black Cat Statues
15) Crude Corroded Manacles (x2)
16) Holy Starlight (Sakura 2010)
17) EM Faine Morgan Returns - Catskills 2018
18) A Full Kettle of Ogre Soup That Noone Dared to Taste
19) Magincia Shepherd's Pillow
20) A Mummified Zombie of the Unseen
21) An Allosaurus Skin
22) Lapiz Lazuli Scarab Amulet Inscribed With An Ouroboros Symbol
23) Blood Smeared Ankh Necklace of the Alberich
24) Malcom's Pickaxe, Covered in Blood And The Cause of Lost Hope
25) Prepatched Ship Model
26) 'Error (TID) Token Out of Range' Package
27) Major & Legendary Artifact Package
28) Misc Imbued Items Package
29) Legendary Artifact Arcane Bone Armor of Restoration
30) The Dread Garjana, Queen of Spiders and Snakes
31) A Fine Tapestry Stolen From The Vesper Museum
32) A Detailed List of Ingredients Used To Make Blue Corn
33) Rudolphs Favorite Rock Salt
34) The Grave of a Primeval Lich
35) Hylothian Seer Crystal
36) A Whispering Rose From Sweety
37) A Whispering Rose From Espresso
38) A Halo of Snowdrops, To Honor The Cailleach
39) Skull Mug
40) The Light of Wakoku 18th Anniversary
41) Magincia Shephard's Pillow
42) Legendary Artifact Assortment
43) Tormented Minotaur Statue
44) Crown of Corruption
45) The Unicorn Horn Carved Into A Sharp Kryss
46) AOS Rose For Lucifer, For Supporting Ultima Online
47) A Whispering Rose From Journey
48) A Whispering Rose From PK Bait
49) Thank you Catskills, I Had Fun! Mesanna
50) AOS Thigh Boots - Cookie MOnsTer
51) Double Exceptional Leather Arms 'crafted by Dragon Slaying'
52) A Mummified Zombie of the Unseen
53) 8 Uniquely Named Pumpkins Package
54) Mini House Deeds Package
55) Plucked Turkey
56) Rubble Lily Pad
57) Rubble Mandrake Root
58) 2008 Easter Event Purple Rabbit

Lottery: Lieutenant of The Britannian Royal Guard [Replica]
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