Does White Tiger Form cancel out Parry?

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Here are my skills:

I am swordsman using a 2 hand weapon double axe.

When I am not in form I get around 17% Last Parry Chance according to my weapon.

When I am in white tiger form it is always 5%.  It was 5% with 80 parry and no Bushido.  I added the Bushido later to try to get more.

17ish  is the theoretical  value that I get when calculating.

I am confused.

Thanks for any help.

Issue solved by post below!


  • King_GregKing_Greg Posts: 245
    That one threw me off as well, but that is actually your chance to evade spells. fight something that can only hit you melee and your parry chance on your shield/weapon will go back to normal. 

    Have something cast on you and as soon as you evade it shows the 4-5% 
  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,579
    Cool. I just happened to always check it when it was 5 but I watched fighting succubus and it did show 5 for spells and 17 when melee.

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