Enhanced Client shield bash bug

LynkLynk Posts: 166
There is a bug with how EC handles weapon hits with shield bash.

In CC the weapon swing and shield bash swing are one in the same.  In EC you get a weapon swing with the bash AND a weapon swing independent of the bash that procs first.

Example: CC.  I am a wrestle/parry mage.  I prep disarm and toggle shield bash.  I run in, and my bash hits but not disarm, because you cant hit specials with bash.

Repeat that in EC, the disarm will hit first, and then another wrestling hit along with the shield bash.

Each hit has its own independent success rate, so it might take a few tries to recreate the bug but it does work.

This also applies to glenda swings, which is why you will some times get double glendad with a shield bash for 105 damage.

The wrestle bash example is the easiest one to recreate.


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    " this sounds quite serious, to have one client dealing a lot more damage than another @Bleak
    please prioritise.
    Lynk is a guru on game mechanics and normally knows what he's talking about
    (i had been told by multiple sources that EC swings double with glenda, to the degree where some players logged into EC only for that template and switched to another client for others, but i had dismissed it, but this detailed explanation as to what is happening really helps)"
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  • TesicTesic Posts: 2
    Send a video.  This is completely false.  Ive never once hit a double glenda swing with a bash.(i only play EC)  Ive played a glenda guy since first month it came out and this has never occurred naturally in game.  So what are you not telling us?
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