Teleport Ring Bug

LynkLynk Posts: 166
Magic items like wands, when you double click you are frozen while the cursor is prepped.

With teleport rings, it does take a few moments before the cursor can be targeted, but it erroneously does not freeze you while the 'cast' is happening.


  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 723
    "tele rings are a funny thing,
    I was extremely surprised when i learned that unlike wands, you don't have to equip them to use them"
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  • gaygay Posts: 21
    edited August 26
    Wands used to be freely usable on the run, some time during the samurai empire era howerver (i could be wrong but i vaguely remember an evasion heal wand on the run meta) they were changed, because suits were weak then, and spam fireball/lightning wanding on the run was considered OP. Things like gnarled staves and wands with mana drain or clumsy charges, tele rings and a few other things retained their free casting (and instant, aside from telerings after the most recent nerf against them).

    imo the solution is simple. Either give wands a global cooldown specifically for them (sort of like how shuriken/fukiya was handled except better, lol) and remove the freeze to cast (aka make them function like they originally did, but with a global cooldown across them all of something like 10 seconds, that way people cant cycle through 20 wands on the run and it can be used as a cooldown) also probably keep the cast delay imitation because reasons, even though original wands didnt have that delay.
    be lazy and uninspiringly boring and make tele rings function like wands do currently, and freeze when used while casting.

    Personally I prefer they former, but that's just me.

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