The Toad Town Live Auction: Information & Item List - Week 5 *August 22nd, 2021 @ 6PM Eastern*

Auction Item List for August 22nd, 2021

1) Double Exceptional Leather Armor
2) Assorted Holiday Box Lot
3) Squirrel Mailbox
4) Mark of the Travesty - Provocation / Music
5) A Burnt Offering To The BBQ Boss
6) An Expensive Dark Chocolate Fountain
7) Holiday Statue Package
8) Wooden Box 'Recovered From A Dark Wisp' Blackrock Infected
9) Purple Easter Event Bunny From Baja
10) The Quiet Waves of Jhelom
11) Non-Sosarian Vegitation Partially Digested By A Langolier Of The Putrifiers
12) AOS Sandals 'To Kiss, On Behalf of Your Age Of Shadows Team' 'I Survived The Birth of Malas'
13) Rubble Lily Pad
14) Hina-Doll Fairy For Girls Day 2016
15) The Fellowship Tome
16) The Clock That Wakes Sherry In The Mornings
17) Gate To The Eclipse
18) A Squeaky Squid Tentacle Toy
19) Love Trumps Hate
20) The Book of Soulstone Lore
21) Pledge of Undying Knight - We Fight For All The Living!
22) Roscoe The Rescued Rottweiler Pup
23) The Grave Of A Primeval Lich
24) A Blackrock Effigy Of Zog The Enlightened
25) Psychedelic Squirrel Rescued From A Fashion Victim
26) Prophetic Tapestry From The Home of The Time Lord
27) Painting of a Boy Called "Addie" Walking Hand In Hand With The Time Lord Into The Ethereal Void
28) A Scroll Of Dread Prophesy Foretol Through The Dreaming Of The Time Lord's Daughter
29) Angry Spirit of the Harvest Moon
30) Alchemical Flask Contaaining the Essence of Life
31) A Played Mesanna Roulette And All I Got Was This Corpse
32) Sea Turtle Egg
33) A Mug of Ale
34) Young Player Tickets (x2)
35) Reward Dye Tub Package: Runebook, Leather, & Black
36) 827 Week Old Parrot
37) Marble Statue Maker
38) House Add-on & Clothing Package
39) Flowerpot Package
40) Wall Carving
41) NEWB's Bones
42) I Saved The Beach Party And All I Got Was This Soggy Beach Towel
43) U'natoks Battle Plans
44) A Whispering Rose From Lost Nipple
45) AOS Rose to Dirty Sanchez
46) AOS Rose to C'est La Vie
47) Rubble Barrel
48) A Deed for a Potted Plant.
49) Ophidiann Bardiche Of Treacherous Usurper The Ophidian High Matriarch
50) Old Ingots (Each with a different hue) (x23)
51) Complete Wildfire Bone Suit + 2 Extra Wildfire Items
52) Ringmail Tunic of Doom
53) Potted Silver Sapling Replica
54) Blessed Legendary Artifact Mystic Bone Leggings
55) Ancient Jukan Waymaster Bo
56) The First Bloom of Spring

*LOTTERY* - 120 Tactics Powerscroll

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