The Toad Town Live Auction: Information & Item List - Week 4 *August 15th, 2021 @ 6PM Eastern*

Auction Item List for August 15th, 2021

1) The Mounted Head of Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons
2) Tokuno Minor Artifact Package
3) "Of Ice" Item Package
4) Invasion Spellbook Package
5) Major Artifact Arcane Metal Shield Of Restoration
6) Legendary Artifact Arcane Platemail Tunic of Restoration
7) Legendary Artifact Rings & Bracelet Package
8) Lake Superior Fishing Contest (fishing pole)
9) Roll of Arms For The Last Kings of Akalabeth
10) Guildstone Deed: SleepLessKnights [SLK]
11) Stump with Rope Rubble Piece
12) Greetings From EM Taweret, Atlantic 2013 & Sandals 'Lil Kim Roxxors Age of Shadows'
13) Chest of Sending
14) Empty Tub Container
15) Europa Gold Harpsichord Deed
16) Old Half Prize Ticket
17) Virtue Tile Deed Package
18) "Selling Item's Bones" Bone Container
19) Darth Vader's Pumpkin
20) If You Remove The Head From The Beast, Does The Heart Yet Beat?
21) Glowing Xorinite Crystal
22) Leather Ninja Belt Bearing The Crest of Blackthorn
23) "Someone's Bones" Bone Container
24) "The Dread Sparkingsquid, Legendary Swordsman's Bones" Bone Container
25) Full Wildfire Platemail Armor Suit
26) Exhausted Mojo Sacraficial Altar
27) U'natoks Battle Plans
28) A Magic Sun Dial That Marks The Golden Hours of Our Lives
29) A Page Torn From The Tome of Light
30) Deed to a Guildstone: Lost Souls of Baja {*@} [LSB]
31) A Whispering Rose From Wildbill Clinton
32) A Rose 'Thank You Nobody Special, For Supporting Ultima Online'
33) A Whispering Rose From Sauron
34) Double Blessed Sandals
35) Sandals 'Grim Necromancer Raistlin' 'I Helped Bring Forth The Age of Shadows'
36) 666 Diamonds Earrings
37) Potted Plant - Hue 1200
38) Auf Ein Fass Zum 6ten Fest! Herzlichst, EM Lyraa von Drachenfels
39) Breastplate of the Berserker
40) Mesanna Spider Tree
41) Crimson Invasion Arms
42) Unicorn Mane Woven Sandals
43) 'Unknown' Deed
44) Alchemist Abomination Page of Lore - Page 9
45) The War Drum of Clan Hussh
46) Grandmom Homemake Choclate Cake Mix
47) Ledgers from the Trinsic Royal Bank
48) Harvested Wings From Marceline The Vampire Queen
49) Grobbok's Clubber
50) 78.81% Intensity Bane Dragon

*LOTTERY* - Charger of the Fallen


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