Puzzle Room

So I'm doing the puzzle room repeatedly. Looking for the scarce as hen's teeth pedestal drops (That damned RNG hates me! :'( )

I'm using multiple accounts. Mine and my husband's. And I'm left wondering why the puzzle room doesn't reset at server up? Why make it so each character is on it's own timer so you'll have to remember who went when to avoid ending up at the puzzle room with the message you're too tired to solve a puzzle?

I can't remember why I went into the next room. The Doorway Effect < That's a thing. Look it up. :D You can't want me to have to remember I took Lily to the puzzle room at 9AM and took Petal at 10PM? Have pity.

Who cares if you take all your characters at midnight and again after server up? You'd still only be able to do a puzzle once a day.  :)


  • PawainPawain Posts: 8,483
    Same with the luck totem, feeding chicken lizards to get eggs,egg advancing.  Should let all things be on the daily timer.
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  • LilyGraceLilyGrace Posts: 705
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