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"When you cast evade/warcry etc, and you press the macro to cast the spell again, your character will not attempt to cast the spell, instead you'll receive a message that reads
'you must wait xtime before you can use this ability again'

However with attunement, during the cooldown instead what happens is your character will attempt to cast the spell, AND if your spell concentration is disturbed, you will not receive any notification until you successfully cast the spell AND even then the notification just reads
'you must wait before casting that spell again'
so you have to just guess roughly when the 2 mins is up ALSO you just wasted so much time trying to cast a spell through all the interrupts only to receive the above non helpful system message. PLUS spellweaving spells you can't cast on the run so this is especially bad as you stop moving to waste your time casting. This gives an unnecessary advantage to those using the non official client who can fix this on the UI end. 

Expected result: attempt to cast attunement during the cooldown period to not attempt to cast the spell but give the system message
'you must wait xtime before you can use this ability again'"

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