Returning vet w/ a broken Sampire

Hi all, I've been a UO fan since 1998, I tend to take breaks and return for the most part but lately I've really been enjoying UO again and the last time I was playing I started to make a Sampire and to be honest I think I stopped playing 1/2 way through so I am pretty lost. Here is a SS of my Skills and current weapon. I think I chose black staff for the WW special but not exactly sure why I imbued the properties I did so I am looking for suggestions on that. I have some of the more expensive pieces of gear like the Crimmy, Insane Tinker Legs, Conjurer's Trink/Garb, Mace & Shield glasses etc. I would primarily like to know where to go with my skills, right now I am still having a difficult time surviving even smaller mobs. I also have 120 fencing, 120 archery and 100 healing on soulstones if they're any use. I've got all mule skills so I can do my own crafting/imbuing I just would prefer a plan and path set out for me rather than just going all willy nilly on it and wasting gold/resources. Any suggestions/guidance would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

Thank you.


  • GwenGwen Posts: 147
    Hi. Your skills look good for a first try. You can reduce your necro to 99 and eat 110 power scroll + get a +10 jewel or a book to cast Vampiric embrace faster after killed. 

    Your weapon is not good. 
    1- try to avoid placing SSI on a weapon if you can. Black staff can reach 1.25 swing speed with 150 Stam and 5% SSI. Easiest way to get it is town buff. Do 5 trade runs from a town withAssasin Guild and you get 5% SSI permanent with need to update it once per day. 
    2- Being debuffed I recommend you to have 180 stamina and 5% SSI. This will make you swing at 1.25 even being cursed or if your stamina drops. 
    3- later aim for a slower weapon. Whip, war hammer, Maul. 

    Now about tactics and fighting. Sampire means creative application of all damage bonuses : skills , spells, slayers.  To learn you first go ang get Goblin Slayer Talisman in Underworld.  (Nevill quest, free) This will give you 300% bonus for goblins located in Underworld and in Enslaved Goblin mini - champ.  Here you neeed to learn how to fight when you have double slayer. Concentrate on staying alive, finding when to retreat. It is not too far to run for resurrection , ut will leave you some time to think what you did wrong on the way. Also you will get goblin blood to imbue repond slayers on lots of weapon to try different ones. 
    then you remove your goblin Talisman, take repond slayer weapon and try to fight them. Learn how to honor foes , when to use Enemy of one and when it is better to turn it off. How to maintain Consecrate Weapon + Divine Fury. When to use which Bushido spell and mace masteries.   After you will learn to fight it easy , without grey robes - buy bear slayer talisman and with repond slayer weapon try to farm Lurg and Grobu in Painted Caves. 
    If you have 1-2M of gold you also can try Vermin Slayer Talisman and Cavern of Discarded. Great place to train too. 

    There is an event in Fire now. You need Undead , Daemon, Elemental and Reptile slayers there. You will have way more death robes, but drops are valuable.  Same about Yukio event. Yomotsu Elders and Yamandon will be tough for you at the beginning. And easy after good training. 
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