Reforging and looting weight bug on ranged weapon mod : luck

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As shown on the screenshot below, when you reforge ( and I presume loot ) a ranged weapon with overcapped luck ( >120) it counts that luck mod as a 1h weapon imbued luck ( @ 100 luck = 100 weight or 170 luck = 170 weight ) while it should be 120 luck = 100 weight , or 170 luck = 141 weight, which result in a loss of weight and not intended ). Years ago I reported a very similar bug with hit chance increase and defense chance increase on ranged weapon, and it got fixed few after, please look forward this luck bug also , thanks.


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    Knuckleheads recently fixed a bug related to the 1H throwing weapons, the luck was not calculated correctly there previously.

    Perhaps there is an issue with 2H as well, re: calculator.

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    “This particular bug is with uo, not knuckleheads, he was just showing knuckleheads to demonstrate the calc”
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    We have not been able to fix that bug yet due to the luck currently being calculated on our calculator for the category of ranged (bows which do have 120 intensity per 100 weight) and haven't had the time to fix it, but it has been listed on our known issues for quite a while.

    To be clear, it is a bug in our calculator, that doesnt calculate luck accurately for throwing weapons, i have no reason to believe this wasn't intentional in the game - throwing weapons being 1h and all.

    As for luck having 1:1 weight on bows that is a bug caused by reforging.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Like @Yoshi mentionned , it's a bug in the game and your calculator @Gilmour is correct.
    In game, you can imbue up to 120 luck on a ranged weapons as opposed to 100 on 1 hand weapons for the same cost : 100 weight. It's an  intentional feature for bows and certain mods as you can't wear a shield with a bow equipped.
    So the ratio is 1.2 : 1
    The issue tho is If you take reforging and looting tables, it's not applying the same ratio 1.2 : 1.
    It'S treating luck to a ratio 1:1 so when you loot or reforge a 170 luck bow for exemple, it's counting it as 170 weight instead of using the intentional ranged/melee ratio of 1.2 : 1.
    So the exepected results should be 170 / 1.2 equals 141 weight, not 170 weight.
  • quickbladequickblade Posts: 288
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    So as a further exemple, if you were to imbue a bow with 120 luck , and reforge/ or loot another bow with also 120 luck,  first one would be showing 100 weight, the second one 120.

    Reforged bow with 120 luck on the left shows 250 total weight (120 + 130) after menu prompt imbuing 50 HLD

    Bow on right shows 230 weight (100 + 130) after imbuing 120 luck on it and 50 HLD
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