Can we get rid of hit dispel please?

This is a useless mod that only serves to ruin loot drops. It has no place in this game whatsoever. In all the time I played, I have never ever heard of anyone who wanted a hit dispel weapon or used a hit dispel weapon. 

Its use case is so niche, and it's so very ineffective even in those cases, that this mod should just be removed from the game. I'm really tired of seeing good weapons that I have to trash because it rolled with hit dispel instead of one of the other hit spells. 

Can this be done? Like it doesn't have to be removed from the game, let's just remove it from runic crafting and loot drops. Leave it in imbuing on the off chance that someone somewhere really wants a hit dispel weapon then they still have the option to make one. But no random rolls should ever roll this perk. 

Could people who agree with this please post a comment even if that comment is just "I agree" so that the devs can see that this is something the player base wants? This is a QoL change that I think would be easy and benefit the game greatly.
  1. Should "hit dispel" be removed from all future random rolls (loot drops, runic reforge, etc)?11 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • What you are really asking for is a higher chance of decent gear, removing hit dispel will just result in something else stopping a weapon from being uber unless the devs want to boost the rate at which they drop.

    I comically see hit dispel used v samps tbh but yes it's not a decent mod.
  • "Hit Dispel" needs to be changed to a "Purge Magic" effect. Remove buffs/forms from the victim that is hit.
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