Shadowclan Orcs Historical Items

RealReal Posts: 1
Good Afternoon All,

The Shadowclan Orcs have been long gone from the server but I would like to setup a museum / library / history of sorts in the house I have behind the Trammel yew orc fort. If anyone has any artifacts, books, or items of any kind from the Shadowclan Orc houses that fell long ago, I would love to make a deal to acquire them. Thank you!


  • KazKaz Posts: 19
    Im not aware of any that are in existence.  

    Not too long ago all the old seer blessed houses were lost in an update (including the deddie keep and the necro hut). 

    The fort decorations are still there in felucca though.   

    If you are interested, there is a small tribe of orcs that plays weekly.   We have a village in Malas. 
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