Enhanced Client - Similar sounds overlap

looploop Posts: 166
1. Move onto a Moongate
2. Hear Moongate play a sound
3. Before the sound has finished, quickly move off and back onto the Moongate
4. Hear sound plays again, overlapping with the previous

The way the Enhanced Client handles sound can be nauseating and cacophonous. It's hard to pin down, but compared to Classic Client it's as if more sounds of the same type are allowed to play at once.


  • jelinidasjelinidas Posts: 329
    Game changer! 
  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 2,191
    “This could be a feature, in classic client when you’re hit by multiple effects in pvp, the noise for death strike often doesn’t get played (you have to rely on the debuff icon) whereas I think it would be better to hear all sounds, cacophonous or not. 

    But then I am impartial as I rely on sound as I’m visually impaired”
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  • looploop Posts: 166
    jelinidas said:
    Game changer! 

    Yeah, it's not about Moongates specifically but rather about the way the Enhanced Client queues and plays sound. The Classic Client handles it better: fewer sounds are allowed to play simultaneously. This is more evident during, say, EM events where as people move or cast spells you are bombarded with a cacophony of sound. You can get a sense of it though by deliberately triggering as many repetitive sounds as you can.

    It's probably a design oversight, and it could be one legitimate reason behind many players finding the Enhanced Client physically difficult to play, in addition to all the spell effects that make the screen flash or shake.
  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 533
    If you had 10 sounds playing at the same time, how would you filter down (prioritize) and pick which one(s) to play?

    One potential control knob could filter out all sounds except those at the player location.  Would certainly help with EM events.  May not help with the example raised here, but it's an example to think about.
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