The Awakening III-Minoc in Despair

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Minoc in Dispair
"Cor,what IS that?" Daniel the Tanner muttered, "Never
seen the likes of that around here."
Stepping outside of the Stretched Hide, Daniel watched
as the strange shadowy form, almost invisible, seemed
to float through the streets of Minoc.
The hairs on the back of Daniel's neck stood up
and goose bumps covered his arms as he suddenly shivered.
Whatever it was, it certainly wasn't human. He watched
from the corner of the Tannery as it moved on.
The strange form slowly moved through the streets of Minoc,
its ever seeing gaze checking the surroundings for any signs
of weakness. It's brain, though slow, had the remarkable
ability to take in the current surroundings and sense
any small crack in the defense of the town.
As suddenly as it appeared, the form dissipated. Rubbing his
eyes, Daniel thought to himself, "Did I really see something,
or have I been working with too many tanning chemicals for
too long?" Shrugging his shoulders, Daniel returned to the
Tannery and started back doing his work. Perhaps he should
tell the Governor, and have a word with the town crier
about what he'd seen. Strange things were happening in the
Virtue Cities, and Minoc had been mentioned at the meeting
with the King. Putting his tools aside, Daniel hurried out
to alert the town crier and then head to the Governor's
The Awakening III- Minoc in Despair
May 30th,2021
7pm PST\10pm EST
Meet at West Britain Bank.


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