If vendor has BOD book and selling BODS in book, how do you find them on VS? bulk order platemail/ringmail, etc doesnt work


  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 577
    I gave up on that a while ago because to your point it's very hard to find BODs for sale (likely due to most people not selling them but rather using their vendor as a holder).

    I've found the best bet these days is just spam chat for a bit to see if anyone has the ones you need.
  • DragoDrago Posts: 138
    would be nice to add a BOD search below auction items.   otherwise its almost pointless to even have the sell functionality in a BOD book now..

  • MargeMarge Posts: 488
    There is no way to find individual BODs that may be for sale inside a book on VS. If you search 'deed' sometimes single BODS are placed on a vendor not in a book and those would show. The seller would maybe be able to place a rune for sale on a vendor advertising and that may show. (EX = Rune Could say "Dull Copper Ringmail Bulk Order Deeds For Sale in Book) The search function would then pick up on the words.
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,790
    The books can be named and that will show up in VS if the vendor is opted into VS..  Most BOD holding vendors have been opted out of VS.
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