Enhanced Client - Container searches function as additive filters instead of as isolated queries

looploop Posts: 166
1. Open any container
2. Click Search
3. Type a part of something you know to be there (just the letter "a", for example)
4. Click Search
5. Observe results
6. Type another part of the item ("message", for example)
7. Click Search
8. Observe results
9 Type something completely that you know to be there ("inner", for example)
10. Click search
11. Observe no results

Essentially, searching containers is not intuitive because you're just applying one filter on top of one another. You have to click the X button to go back to baseline.


  • dvviddvvid Posts: 793
    This is very helpful for finding things but I agree it isn’t intuitive and can be misleading if you don’t know this is how the search works. 
  • SethSeth Posts: 2,775
    edited May 2021
    It reminds me several years back when I asked a web developer to customise a web script. Just an example, suppose I would like to have a search function, he does provide that... and just that simple search box without any filters, etc.

    Such is the case with other rewards, e.g. jewelry cabinet. Yes, we finally have a jewelry cabinet that does not count towards the house storage... but but but it does not even come with a search function! It would have been better if I leave it on my free containers so I can search for a bracelet or ring faster. And the head gear transmog... refined head gear is not allowed. Soulstone container... only 20 max and I have like close to 100+. Better off using the vet reward garden shed. Not trying to be negative but there is soooo much potential in everything but yet they all seem to fall short... Morphius Epaulette - Shard Bound... omg now someone trying to sell at Atlantic for 600m on stratics. And the cheapest are on Auction box. I did not see anyone selling them on any shard in full pack - has to be on auction. Now Yukio is perfect... not so as it comes with 255/255 and the durability seems between antique and brittle... I am not sure...

    sigh sigh sigh...
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  • GwenGwen Posts: 202
    @loop , i am against it. It elps me now. Example : you have box with jewels. First search "ring" , then search "swing" , then "dexterity" and you have all rings that have SSI and dexterity on. Also works very good when i am sorting armor refinements , when looted 50-60 of them. Jewelry cabinet yes, need this search. @Seth is right
  • looploop Posts: 166
    It's just a text search, right? So to get what you're after immediately you could just search "ring swing dex" up front.
  • dvviddvvid Posts: 793
    It searches for a string not individual words. 
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