MOAR Transmog Potions!

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We need Transmog Potions for all the slots. I want to turn my Sampire's suit into full Bone Armor (always loved Bone Armor).

My Macer/Pally's suit would be Dragon Plate. Love me some Dragon Plate too, but when was the last time you saw someone in a suit of it? Legendary Dragon Plate is damn near impossible to get, only possible from high level Malas Warrior T-Maps with very high Luck (both game luck and RL).

Not to mention Samurai Platemail. We need a blank version of the Ancient Samurai Helm to transmog onto as well.


  • SethSeth Posts: 1,353
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    Agree +1 vote.

    Please also allow refined gears to transmog. Pvm warriors and sampires are perhaps the only class that would use refined armor.

    I know that the destination item (a) may not be refined, or (b) could be using another type of refinement as the source. But since we pay for it, please... the intention is just to get a cool look and not restricted by what the source item was.

    We love bugs....
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