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Howdy All ! As many of you know, we started on another forum a thread about RP Story on Siege Perilous. So we tought was nice add that thread also here :) ... Copy all thread will be a bit long and need also agree of all posters before do that. So i think we can start from the last RP Story we are trying to write with the contribute of many posters (Old Timer, Tanager, Lord Otto, Holden, Me). I'll copy all posts here in some posts then we'll continue to post on all 2 forum :smile:

Old Timer's Post

Phaedrin hugged the wall of the small stone room. Brother Piram was deep in combat with a being known as 'The Dark One'. Some abnormal Lich Lord. Very powerful, and sadistic. They had heard the stories while in a pub in Yew, and ventured out to its cave lair to cleanse the evil.

The sinister being laughed while it fought. More 'cackle' than laugh though. It seemed to savor the combat and taunted Piram throughout the fight. Speaking in a voice straight out of a nightmare, the Dark One hissed, "Soon I will have another soul for the Master. You will know torment, and I will feast on your bones" Piram said nothing. Deftly blocking each swing of the staff the Lich brought forth. Spinning quickly around from the right, he knocked the staff from the grasp of the Dark One. Quickly raising his sword, he thrust it hard into the chest of the Lich.

A bright purple flash filled the room at the moment of the Lichs demise. Phaedrin, still in the corner, blinked and rubbed his eyes. It was several minutes before his sight returned. Looking to the point of the combat, he saw the crumpled form of the Dark One. Moving to the body of the Lich, Phaedrin could see Pirams sword protruding from it's chest. Ink black blood bubbling from the wound. But Piram was not standing. He lay over and away from the Lich, face down on the rough stone floor. Phaedrin quickly moved to his stricken brother. Removing his glove, Phaedrin checked, and heaved a sigh of relief. There was life, Piram was still with the living. Rolling him over, Phaedrin began to look for a wound, or reason his brother was unconscious. He noticed a fist sized burn in Pirams breastplate, just over his heart. It was blackened and burned through, but no blood was flowing. Phaedrin decided it would be wiser to leave this place and get his brother back to UWSP town.

Phaedrin stood, closed his eyes, and whispered a few words of magic... the floor rumbled, and rising up, a giant of stone formed. Phaedrin commanded telepathically, and the stone form scooped up Pirams inert body. Slinging him over its shoulder, it turned and faced Phaedrin. Phaedrin turned and motioned the way out. Both he and the stone manifestation started the ascent up and out of the deep cave lair.

Reaching the surface and the welcoming sun, Phaedrin turned again to the great stone giant sending a telepathic command.Speaking the words, "Vas Rel Por", a shimmer appeared and formed into an oval pathway. Stepping into the gate, with his stone companion in tow, Phaedrin stepped out the other side right onto the steps of the UWSP Defense Hall. This was Pirams home. Making their way inside and to Pirams chambers, Phaedrin sent a command to the stone man to put Piram down. Meaning Pirams bed, but the large stone figure unceremoniously dropped Piram down onto the floor of the room. Phaedrin frowned, and with a few quick hand movements, sent his summoned helper back to whatever realm it was pulled from.

Phaedrin struggled, but finally got Piram on the bed and laid out. He then stripped the armor from his brother. In doing so, the area of the burn became easier to discern but still unable to see detail. Removing his under shirt, the burn was then seen clear. A charred center, the size of a copper. Blackened flesh surrounding that with spidery 'fingers' spreading from the site out across his chest. Piram was also hot. Very hot. But the odd thing was, there was no sweat upon his body. This was no normal wound or malady. It was unlike anything Phaedrin had ever seen. Dark Magics he thought, it must be... 

Getting up, he moved to the teletile which went directly to the roof of the building. In an instant he was on the roof and moving quickly to the Raven cages. He needed help and he needed to inform his other brother Argus. 

At the message table he wrote four identical messages - " Need aid. Come quickly. Defense HQ. Piram." Rolling each paper tightly and slipping them into a holder to strap to a leg of each Raven, he pulled a messenger from it's proper pen and sent them on their way. One to Argus, one to Master Magic, one to the adventuress Tanager, and the last to the town's guardian Lady Taylor. Argus needed to be here at his brothers side and among the other three, one should surely know how to stem whatever evil was gripping the elder Agrivar.

Returning to his brothers bedside, there was nothing left to do now but wait...

And Meanwhile...

Magichands's Post

The man walked in the room... "Poof"... The sound behind him of the gate closing was clear...
"I'm becoming too old to walk in this plan" said the man after some seconds. 
He moved fast through the room hoping to find faster what he was looking for, but after a moment a strong voice come from a corner:
The big creature come out from the shadow with his mechanical face. After a second it repeated: 
The man was a bit surprise but, after a moment,he rembered about the guardian of the library and to calm him before it could attack, he said:
"Marshmallow ".
The guardian come back in his corner.
"What crazy person can choice that thing as password????"
The man jumped a bit far scared, then he started to laugh strong:
"Why each time we come here, i have to risk an heart attack because you scare me always???? You can also stay near and don't come out from shadow in the wrong moment, Lupacchiotto !! And anyway it's a nice sweet !!!"
The big wolf turn his face to Magichands and answered:
"If you say so Magichands" and with his big eyes he started to look around the room.
"Oh come on ! We aren't here to discuss about this ! We are here to look for an old book about undead lord curses !!"
Magichands was really worried about Piram and what he read on Phaedrim message. Those lich lord, expecially master as the one he fought, could be very dangerous without the right protection. And as usually, valiant and brave knights like Lord Piram, never worried about that. 
"They think Holy spells and a sword can protect from everything ! .... We must find that book fast,Lupacchiotto".
The man and the wolf were looking around the library for many hours when suddendly Magichands said: 
"Found !!! Records of all Undead Lords Curses and their cures !!! "
"Are you sure this book can help him Magic?"
"Sure no, my friends.. This book is old and probably also undead lords studied new curses... But it can help us to understand what kind of curse we have to fac..."
From the middle of the room was coming a sound of glass breaking. Magichands,throwing in a corner the book, run to that sound and without waiting a second he started to whisper strong spells of magic protection around the glass and the book inside it. 
"Lupacchiotto !!!! I need your help ! An intruder is trying to localize the Book from your plan !!!"
After some seconds the man felt his energy increase and slowly he could send back the intruder. After a moment the room was quiet.
"What happened Magic???"
"I think someone is still trying to find the book we are hiding here, and probably when we come here, they tracked us... But now is gone... Thank you for the help... Enemies from you plan are always so strong ! But now better come back in our plan with the book for piram... We already risked too much ! " 
Saying that Magichands took from the floor the book of curses
" I hope isn't too late !!" and then he started to open a gate for UWSP Town.
The man and the wolf walked in the gate and a voice come out from it before disappear :
"I'm becoming too old for these things !"

And in the meanwhile....


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    Old Timer's Post

    Master Magic stepped through the gate. Phaedrin and Argus waiting on the steps. "Master, he has not regained his senses", Phaedrin spoke as Magic approached. " I have something I hope will aid us. A tome. Ancient, and malevolent in its own right. There may be an answer held within", Magic responded as he mounted the stairs. 

    Phaedrin looked at the cover of the book as Magic approached. It looked ages old. Blood red, with black borders containing runes and symbols that were beyond him. The spine, withered and creased from many uses. As Magic got closer, you could almost feel the energies it had been created with. Surely no one lived now that could read and decipher the writings contained in its pages?

    Piram still lay on the bed. The 'spider fingers' growing more pronounced, and numerous. Whatever darkness gripped Piram, he was surely losing himself to it.
    Magic frowned deeply, something that seldom crossed his friendly face. "Ah, I did not think it this bad. You say it was from fighting a Lich Lord?", Magic asked without taking his eyes from his friend. "Aye, master. But according to the stories from the townsfolk we encountered, this Lich had been twisted further by dark forces, long departed from the world we now know. The 'Dark One', they called it.", Phaedrin responded.

    "Dark One", Magic mused... "I remember a story from my days of study at the Mystics Citadel. The Grand Masters spoke of a powerful Mystic from days long ago. Seems he became intoxicated with the power the arcane provided, and it corrupted him. In his quest for power and control over the magics, he was killed in an ill fated quest to a long forgotten tomb. A tomb that held one of the Dark Masters remains." "Dark Masters..." Argus muttered. Magic continued, "It was thought that the tomb was forever lost to time, but the Mystic found his way there. And something within that tomb possessed him, twisted his already skewed sense of right and wrong. He became what you refer to as 'The Dark One'. The Citadel Mystics mounted a push, one destined to shape the teachings and admittance of those seeking to wield the arcane. A great battle ensued. The mystics on one side, the 'Dark One' on the other. Many perished, some survived. But it was always thought that the 'Dark One' was defeated. It would seem that part of the story was in error."

    "No offense to my friend, your brother, but Piram could not have defeated the 'Dark One' without the aid of our realms most powerful mystics and mages. It happened, because the 'Dark One' wanted it to.", Magic considered. "There is a purpose we do not yet see. And, I'll wager it will not be good. But, let us see what secrets this book may hold..." Magic tried to say with confidence as he opened the book. Confidence that was more bravado than felt.

    And Meanwhile...

    Old Timer's Post

    Master Magic poured over the ancient tome, desperate to find something that would allow him to 'cleanse' his friend of the darkness that held him. Rubbing his tired eyes and sitting back in his chair he said wearily to himself "This is turning into a goose chase. So far there is nothing in this book that resembles Pirams affliction. I do not know where to turn."

    About then Phaedrin rushed in, almost falling down as he did. He looked both excited and terrified. "He has risen! But that is not my brother." "What do you mean Phae?", Magic asked concerned about Phaedrin's words. "I mean, he got up and is moving about now. But when he speaks, it is not Piram. Also, you should know... he is showing signs that he can now wield the arcane.. the powers of light, but also the dark magics.", Phaedrin responded.

    "Piram and magic? Surely you jest. Piram has always balked at magic. Preferring as he has said many times, steel to words", Magic said slightly amused. But the next words Phaedrin spoke, "He changed his body to that of a wraith...", stopped Magic cold. "You are certain of this Phaedrin?" he asked. With an ashen look, Phaedrin merely nodded his head 'yes'.

    "I need to see him... NOW!", Magic blurted out while heading for the stairs.

    Piram's squire stood near the door, ready to bolt like the scared rabbit he appeared to be. In all his time with Piram, never once had he seen Piram study or even read a book concerning magic. Yet here was his Lord and Master conjuring beasts, some terrifying. Making them appear, making them go who knows where. All the while with a strange look, and chuckling to himself. He barely said two words to his brothers. And those were curt and disrespectful. This was not Piram Agrivar at all.

    Magic popped into the room. Without a sign of fear, went straight over to Piram. "My friend, you are feeling better?", Magic asked jovially, laying his hand on Piram's shoulder. Piram turned and looked blankly at Magic, "Yes, better now." Piram seemed to 'hiss' words more than speak them. Magic quickly jerked his hand from Piram's shoulder. It did not have the warmth of the living. More like something long dead. Piram's eyes mimicking that touch... cold and lifeless.

    Magic was deeply concerned now. This was no longer the old Knight he called friend. "Well, I have town business to attend. I will visit with you later my friend.", Magic made an excuse to depart. If Piram was aware, he showed no sign of acknowledgement. Magic gave him one last look and left Pirams chamber.

    Phaedrin was just outside, and Magic motioned him to walk with him as Magic was leaving. "His condition is dire. I believe the life force of that 'Dark One' has entered and taken control of your brother. This does not bode well." Magic said to Phaedrin. "What can we do Master? Is there naught?", Phae pleaded in return. Magic spoke, just before entering the gate, "Do not let him leave. I do not know what he may do. We need answers. I am going to find Tanager, Taylor, and some others. We will return to where this started and see if we can find a meaning to all this." Waving to Phae, he stepped through the gate.

    Phaedrin turned and headed up the steps to the Defense Hall. Pausing at the door he heaved a huge sigh. Then pushing the door open, he steeled himself as he entered.

    And Meanwhile...

    Magichands's Post

    Magichands was in his room... He was still thinking about the "meeting" with his friend. The book didn't help much but when he touched Piram's shoulder he felt something very strange and dangerous.... In Piram's body there was a big energy though he was cold like dead... But that energy was something really evil... And when he looked blankly after his greeting, Magichands saw a little light in those eyes... Like something that was still fighting agaist the curse... With these thoughts in his mind, he was still walking around the room when suddendly everything was clear.
    " Lupacchiotto !!! I know you are here ! Show yourself !*
    From the shadow, in the corner of the room, the big wolf come out with his big eyes opened.
    " I'm here Magic. If you are thinking what i believe, i tell you no !"
    " But you know i'm right !"
    " Yes i can still read your mind and i think your conclusions are right. Must be that ! But you know it's crazy try that !"
    " Mmm crazy? Yes maybe it's crazy, but it's only our hope to help him ! If we don't act fast we'll lose him forever. Probably he will be not again the same Piram we know, but at least he will have again the control ! And mostly, we can't leave free a so dangerous entity in our world ! "
    " Why i'm so sure that you'll try anyway,also if i say no?"
    Magichands laughings answered:
    " Because you know i don't let my friends die without try everything !"
    " Oh i know i know... I still remember your treat to save me when we fought that enemy from my plan !... Oh well i'll help you !"
    Smiling Magichands stroked the wolf and then he said:
    " Perfect ! Now we have to call back another time all our friends.. I'm sure they will be happy to fight against a so dangerous enemy with us ! ... But in the meanwhile it's better call Tanager and Piram's Brothers to show them our plan ! And we have also to find a way to contact the powerful mage from that mythical order !"
    Without waiting a second, the man and the wolf left the room....

    And Meanwhile....
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    Lord Blind Otto's Post

    Far across the lands, in the Temple of Mithras, Otto was deep in meditation. 
    He saw it as part of his duties as caretaker for the guildstone of KSS to spend time every month reminding Mithras of those who had served him, past and present. 
    As his mind flicked down the familiar list of names, he uttered words of thanks and supplication for each of them, even those who had passed on, or not been heard from in a dragon's age. 

    He rather fancied he could hear Mithras's golden sandal'd foot tapping in impatience as he sat and discussed everyone to ever wear the Blue with the unseen deity. 
    But the old man continued, regardless. He finished praying for the departed priestess, dear Mj, and moved on to the "P"s. "Ah, and Lord Piram, freshly returned to the cause of virtue and order! I pray, keep your hand over him, and protect..."

    There was an almighty explosion, and it felt to Otto as if a Titan's fist had struck him out of nowhere, while at the same time a tidal wave of ice flooded over him, drowning him. 
    Cold, dark hands clawed at him, grabbed, him mercilessly, and flung him from the rooftop where he'd been praying. 
    Crashing like a young wyvern nestling on its first flight, he plummeted through a window of the building next door, and sent several of the Loot House's chests spewing their contents across the room as he crashed and rolled across the floor. 

    Otto lay in a broken heap, only aware of all his broken, twisted bones and his punctured lungs, as the sound of running feet coming towards him grew fainter and fainter. 

    "Quick! Get a healer!" someone shouted - and then Otto passed out, which came as a welcome respite from the sea of indescribable pain. 

    Nearby, a burst of golden fire could be seen atop the Temple of Mithras, as a black shape was forcibly ejected, and tore a gash in the air, as it clawed its way back to Malas.

    And Meanwhile...

    Tanager's Post

    Tanager landed on her back with a startled cry, her life rushing out of her body with the breath. Her spirit rose from the corpse, and she could already feel the powerful magic weaving around her to create a new vessel of flesh and blood. She held it off for the time being, however, and stood there in ghostly form to wait.

    Keisha, her beautiful cu sidhe, finished off the ninja with a final swipe of her massive claws. The great beast looked over at Tanager's corpse with a loud snort of amusement, then calmly sat on her haunches and began licking her blood-stained paws clean. Tanager watched as the spirit of the ninja fled to find a healer of his own, and then she allowed the arcane magic to finish its spell. She took a deep breath with her brand new lungs and let out a long sigh.

    "What would I do without you, hm?" Tanager asked her defender as she rummaged through the belongings of her own corpse and began dressing. Keisha gave her another snort, and stood to make a long, languid stretch almost like a cat. The wolfish grin was merry though, because they both knew the beast enjoyed being the hero of this partnership.

    Tanager shook a little box happily. "Lot of seeds today though, very nice. Tomorrow we can --" she broke off suddenly as a raven appeared out of nowhere and swooped down at her.

    Keisha leaped at it, jaws stretched wide, and the raven shrieked with indignation as it shot back up towards the sky. As the raven tried again to approach, Tanager saw that a tiny scroll was bound to the bird's leg. "Keisha, stop!" she called, but the cu sidhe snarled at the raven again, and made another leap.

    The large black bird squawked loudly and shook its leg in midair until the scroll came loose and fell to the grass. Keisha yipped with surprise when the raven darted in to deliver a stern peck on her nose, and then disappeared in a little shower of feathers.

    "Haven't you ever seen a messenger raven before?" Tanager asked as she picked up the scroll and began to unroll it. "You'll get us banned from the network!" Keisha's expression changed to one of apology, so Tanager smiled to reassure her. "That was very funny though," she teased. "Great big beast such as you taking on that little bird! Such bravery!"

    Keisha growled a playful little growl, but Tanager was no longer listening. Instead her fingers were tight on the scroll, crumpling it as she read. The Cu went very still with concern as she tucked the paper into her pack with the seeds. "Quickly, my friend. We must hurry!" she said as she climbed onto the dog's strong back and began speaking the magic words. They were through the moongate the moment it was open, and gone from the grassy fields of Tokuno.

    And meanwhile...

    Old Timer's Post

    Phaedrin closed the great door behind him. Recent events still weighing heavily on his mind. Piram's recovery... what ever it may be. Master Hands unable to deduce the affliction... then as his thoughts started to deepen, the sound of the bell signalling a message had arrived. As he turned to head to the aviary on the rooftop, a second signal sounded. "Interesting", Phaedrin thought as he quickened his pace. Hopefully this is good news, and not more bad.

    Reaching the pens for incoming birds, he plucked the first bird from its stage, rolled it in his hands and pulled the small message scroll from it's leg holder. Not bothering to read it, he moved to the second stage. He stood, looking at the pen, fairly shocked. He expected to see a standard Raven. Instead it was a Red Hawk. A Red Hawk! Amazing as it was, it was not unheard of. The Savages used hawks. Faster, stronger, and able to defend themselves, these birds could only be used by those familiar with the wild ways. Even the most accomplished birders of the realm were unsuccessful at using these birds with success.

    But why was it here? Phaedrin carefully reached in to the pen. The hawk remained as docile as any messenger bird he had ever handled. "This just gets stranger", he thought while removing the small scroll of parchment. As soon as he removed the scroll though, the hawks demeanor changed quickly. Kicking, and biting, Phaedrin fast released his grasp and the bird sailed quickly from sight.

    Phaedrin watched it head up and away, "magnificent bird" he thought as it powered quickly away. Looking down at the two scrolls, he noticed the one from the Raven carried a seal he knew all to well. The mark of Mithras. Mithras is the deity that the Knights of the Silver Serpents revere. The Hawk scroll bore no seal. It was simply tied with what looked to be a reed or vine. This was indeed from, or intended for, the Savages.

    Phaedrin's curiosity was piqued. He removed the reed from the Savage scroll, and began reading. It was very clear the message was FROM the Savages and intended for the Agrivars. It spoke of the Savage witch priestess, her vision, a great evil, and an offer of aid. Surprising that was. The Savages long shunned relations with the realm. Their distrust for civilized peoples was well documented. Many that cross their path perish, sometimes horribly. A few get 'adopted' into their culture... but that is rare, and those individuals must be a special breed.

    The sealed scroll was opened. Phaedrin quickly recognized the handwriting... Lord Otto, current Knight Commander of KSS. Keeper of the Temple of Mithras. The story it told was troubling. Otto attacked, the temple purged, evil entities... this all has to be connected to Pirams predicament. The end of Lord Otto's message offered some hope. Otto had found something held in the great library. He was eager to discuss, but was presently recovering from injuries sustained in the attack.

    Phaedrin felt a bit relieved. Unexpected offers of help. Perhaps Piram could yet be saved. Thinking to himself, "I must get these messages to Master Magic. I am sure he will be happy at the offers of aid. I"ll just go check on Piram before heading to Town Hall."

    Phaedrin slowly opened the door to Pirams chambers, not quite knowing the 'mood' his brother might be in. "Piram, I need to go to town and just wanted to chec...." his voice trailing off as he entered the room. Piram was not in the room. The window was swung open, could he have gotten out?

    Phaedrin checked every room in the Defense Hall and Piram was no where in the place. He IS missing. Phaedrin thought back to Magics last words as he had left for town, "Do not let him leave."...

    And Meanwhile...
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    HoldenCaulfield's Post

    Holden had ridden hard for nigh on the six days since his encounter with the savage clan.

    How wrong he had been in his judgement during the meeting with the shaman. The set curse had removed the light from him. A man forged from virtue and piety now outcast from the towns he had once protected. Upon waking from the ritual, he had found himself alone in the desolate swamps, the mask yet fused to his face and his fine armor and sword replaced with bone scraps. His body branded and bearing the tribal markings. Upon his chest, a strange book of magery, though not of standard issue, with several pages left blank. A ridge-back grazing where his strong stallion was last seen.

    He felt his temper swell. All of the fire and anger quickly building within his chest was like a siege meant to bring down a fortress of deception and malice, but as he released it, there was little more than a muted sound that came from him. "Grahhhhh" he was able to muster in anguish. Though this thoughts were complex, he appeared able only to speak in unrecognizable grammar.

    A friendly wren chirped rapidly on the bramble overhead, seeming to acknowledge a sense of urgency. Remembering the parchment he had once held and his original destination, Holden frantically opened to a blank page in the spell-book. Using the soot and ash remnants, he composed a letter, unconsciously writing in the Savage tongue.

    After hastily removing the page, he rolled it into a scroll and gestured to the wren as it landed atop his shoulder, accepting the scroll between its small claws. With hopes it may reach the intended destination in time, he turned about, but the brief calm was fiercely interrupted when a red hawk swooped from the sky, piercing the wren between its talons and dismembering it with its sharp and strong beak. 

    On the sixth moon, Holden passed through the arched gateway that signified UWSP town proper. There were some townsfolk to be seen, though they peered at him with neither adoration or much understanding. There was always the option to retreat then, to say nothing more and stalk away in shame at his unrecognizable state. He rolled his shoulders, not only to alleviate the tension within them, but remind himself they were still there and he was yet the man he had previously been. "PIRAM", he shouted at the top of his lungs, before collapsing from exhaustion, unaware of the affliction that had occurred,.

    In the meanwhile....

    Magichands's Post

    "Magichands !"
    The man entered the door quickly and turned to Magichands with on his face a scared expression.
    "Phaedrin ! Be quiet my friend ! ... I already know why you are here"
    "Piram is.... Wait what? How do you know???"
    Magichands walked near his friend and tried to calm him a bit with a little smile.
    "My friend don't worry isn't your fault. I knew we had to face magic powers stronger than ours, and so i was ready to this eventuality. Around the house of your brother i put some seals to control the area, and so when he broke it, i was warned. And probably i can also track him. But before it's better we have a perfect plan. I don't want lose only our chance to free your brother !"
    Phaedrin sat down on the chair with a long breath and after a moment he started again to speak:
    "I'm sorry Magichands... You told me to don't let him go out from the house but i failed ! "
    "Don't worry Phaedrin... As said isn't your fault... Probably he could avoid also me if i was here. There are powers that we can't control in stake so trust me... isn't your fault" And saying that Magichands smiled to his friend-
    "Oh you are right on that Magichands... There are powers in stake that we can't control.. As these !" And saying that the man gave to Magichands the 2 message he got from Mithras Temple and from Savages.
    Magichands read the messages and after some seconds he said:
    "That is very interesting... Before your brother that wake up in that "strange" way... Now problems at sacred temple of Mithras.... And also Savages that try to contact us ! We need more information to get a complete picture of the situation !... Maybe it's better....."
    The door suddendly opened and a citizen of UWSP Town entered in the room.
    "Sorry Governor for my intrusion but we have a problem in town! "
    " A problem?"
    " Yes my lord... A savage just collapsed near market and before do that he said Piram !"
    " A savage in town? Looking for Piram???!!!"
    Without waiting a second Magichands started toward the door and turning to Phaedrin he said: 
    " Well my friend... I think we'll have our answer soon !"
    And they all run outside....

    In the meanwhile....

    HoldenCaulfield's Post

    Drifting in and out of consciousness, the shaman priestess appeared again, only this time her audience was not him alone, but a vast assembly of Savages. 

    Though she spoke in broken Savage tongue, he understood every word. 

    We see an hour of reclamation approaching, she announced as she gestured towards Holden. These lands we have known since our very existence and the places which were born of our own ancestral blood are forced to endure the presences of the vile enemies we failed to defeat centuries ago. With broken spirits our once vast empire has diminished for generations to the far corners and swamps of these very lands we had commanded. 

    Remember the enemy is deceitful and disturbed our peace for their own glory. They have slaughtered us and desecrated our homelands, again and again. Do not see these creatures as they appear to be, but only as history shows they are: monsters and villains.

    Thrust your spear, strike with fire unto them what they have done unto us. Show that our strength has been imbued with a power far greater than any advanced armor and weaponry. Erase all memory of defeat, and be inspired to reclaim our original homelands. Together we will avenge all those that have been made to suffer. 

    She gestured towards Holden again, commanding, Nanahuatzin protects you! 

    And with that a great fireball burst through the sky, as if the sun and come to greet the land directly, tossing Holden wide awake. 

    As his eyes adjusted to the visions of townsfolk around him, he felt a sudden terror within. It was the loneliest he had felt, with the absence of the virtues he had always relied upon so dearly to comfort him. Unsure whether he was here yet of his own accord and the notice written by Piram Agrivar he had found discarded and crumpled in the street many moons ago, or was it now merely a cruel aberration of memory, a facade set forth by the shaman for an event to come.

    To his own startlement, Holden beat his chest, to greet the congregation gathering. 

    In the meanwhile...
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    Lord Blind Otto's Post

    Otto lay back in his bed, listening to the footsteps of the latest healer to visit, and ply her trade.
    Being bed ridden wasn't that bad. Many friends had come to visit, and brought gifts. Most of the gifts were edible. 
    He reached for another chocolate-dipped grape, winced slightly as a bolt of pain ran up his arm, and wondered what had caused his prayers to be answered so violently.
    He'd need to have words with Mithras, once he could walk again. Harsh words. 
    But for now, there were chocolate-dipped grapes. And - was that Minocan ale he smelled?
    No, being bed-ridden wasn't bad at all.

    And in the meanwhile....

    Old Timer's Post

    Phaedrin and Magic walked the short distance from the Town Hall to the marketplace. As they went along, they talked about the events which had occurred and what it all might mean. Especially the note from the Savages and now a savage in the town. Are they connected, or just coincidence?

    As they rounded the market square, they saw the savage. Standing and beating upon his chest. Townsfolk gawking at the display and the odd visitor before them. Magic quickened his pace a bit, and Phaedrin followed. This could turn ugly, and Magic did not like like prospect.

    "Hail and greetings", Magic shouted as he came up. The savage stopped his display and turned to regard Magic. Magic met his gaze straight on, never wavering. The visitor just stood there, silent and brooding. Magic tried once more. Slow and purposeful in his speech, "Do you understand me?" The savage only tilted his head in response. Like an dog listening intently to his master and trying to fathom what was being said.

    Phaedrin chimed in, "Doesn't look like he knows our language." Magic responded, "Well, this will not do. If we can't talk to each other it will all be a waste." Phae asked, "Is there no one in town? Is there a scholar you can call on that knows the speak the savages use?"
    Magic mused a moment. "Possibly... possibly" he said thoughtfully. "I will ask Tanager first. She has adventured enough in the lands and has spent time with some of the savage tribes. If she cannot, there may be some others I can ask."

    So, with an ever growing crowd of townsfolk watching, the savage, Magic, and Phaedrin stood there. Each wanting to talk and ask questions, but frustrated by the lack of language skills...

    Still, looking closely at the visitor... there was something not quite right about him. It was a savage, but at the same time there was something 'off' about him. He carried himself differently, more like a gentile or a seasoned guardsman. Puzzling it was. But so far everything that has happened in the last week has been - puzzling...

    In the meantime....

    Old Timer's Post

    Piram's unconscious mind knew something was amiss. He could 'see' what was happening, but had no control over his body. Then a voice. Was some one speaking, or was it just perceived in his head?

    "Fool! You have no idea of who I am, and the power I command. All your valor and virtue mean nothing now. I command your body, and your soul will soon be mine." the voice said to Piram. Piram thought, "I am not so easily bested. I have faced many an evil and have been victorious. You underestimate me, and my friends. They will come for me, and your day will be at an end." The voice replied,"Then you will perish with me, as there is no way we can be separated except by death." "If my death ends you, that is a sacrifice I make easily.", Piram thought.

    "Bah! I have no more time to waste on weak minions. You will see. I must start on my plans, and YOU are powerless to do naught but watch." the voice spat in Piram's mind. Cackling laughter following...

    Through his eyes, Piram could see that they had left the Defense Hall, and were now in a desolate ruin. It looked very old, weathered from ages of storm. He could tell the 'voice' was conjuring. Unknown as to what that might bring. It was all like a dream to Piram, but he knew this was real. He also knew it did not bode well for the realm if this 'voice' succeeded in whatever malevolence it was planning. Surely his brothers, Master Magic, and his friends would be searching. They had to find a way to intervene, even if it meant his death. 

    Piram tried to contemplate and dwell on the teachings of Mithras. It was difficult with the 'voice' ranting, laughing, and conjuring. "Mithras, your blessing I beseech..." he though as he found a small bit of peace.

    And Meanwhile...

  • MagichandsMagichands Posts: 141
    Old TImer's Post

    Magic sat across the table. The Savage sitting opposite, and Phaedrin at the end. They finally managed to convey to the savage to come to the pub and have some food. They also supplied the savage with parchment and carbons. The Savage promptly scribbled out a fairly good map. A map that they guessed showed the path to the Savage village. It would be a long trip. Covering much of the land.

    The Savage sat and ate. Meat and fruits, all without utensils. It eyed the patrons as it did, making everyone feel a bit uncomfortable in the process.

    Magic looked at Phae, "We really need a way to communicate. Hopefully when Tanager arrives, that problem will be ended. Still, it is troubling that your brother is now missing as well." Phae replied, "Aye. Trouble seems to come in packs. And always when there is no slayer to smite it." 

    About then, the door opened abruptly and in strode several 'men at arms'. Mercenaries really. Hard men that knew their way around the battlefield. Magic and Phaedrin recognized a few of them. Patrons were now trying to make themselves small and unnoticeable. Some getting up and leaving. There were many stories circulating about the men that Magic knew. Not all of them good.

    The ranger clad man, set his bow within reach. His quiver still on his back, and quite full. He was a bit grizzled, but his eyes shown a keen awareness and sharp intelligence. He sat with his companions carefully scanning the room. Most likely taking stock of possible threats, ways of exit, and points for defense. The barmaid came over and quickly took their order for food and drink. Unlike most tables, she did not linger, flirt, or make small talk.

    Finally the man's gaze came to rest upon the table of unlikely companions. The Savage took little notice, or appeared not to. Phaedrin and Magic each waved and offered a friendly greeting.

    Magic saying friendly, "Greeting good travelers. Welcome to our town. You are Max Blackoak, are you not?"

    Max smiled big. "I see I am not unknown here. That can be a good thing, or a bad thing. It depends of course on how hospitably me and my friends are treated." Magic smiled equally big, "We welcome all to UWSP town. The good, the bad. The famous, and the... infamous."

    Max raised his mug in salute, and turned back to his friends.

    Phaedrin drew up close to Magic and in a hushed voice offered, "These men could be of help with what we may face. Stories are many of their exploits. What do you think, Master?"

    Magic watched the far table with a new interest now. "Perhaps, perhaps..."

    In the meantime...

    Old Timer's Post

    Magic pondered a bit before getting up and walking to the table with the rough looking group of men. Upon arriving, he raised a welcoming hand and said, "The notorious Max Blackoak. Here in our little town. What could be of interest here for you Mr Blackoak?" Max looked up and grinned at Magics greeting, " Notorious? Someone been telling on me... And you are Magic Hands, the master of this quaint village." Magic replied, "You are well informed for someone not seen much in these parts." "Oh, I have my little whispers... they tell me much of what's happening in these lands." Max says in reply. 

    Magic slid a stool over and sat down near Max. Lowering his voice a bit Magic said," Precisely what I'd like to discuss with you sir. I have need of information. Information which you can most likely acquire for me." Max rubbed the scrag of beard developing on his face, " Information. That can sometimes be a pricey item to get. Are you willing to pay?" "Aye" Magic responded, "And we may have need of your unique - shall we say - talents, as well. If you are willing of course."

    The two men sat and conversed a while. Then Max and his party stood up, preparing to leave. "So we are in agreement then Max?" Magic asked. Max responded, "Aye, we have a contract. I will gather the information you need presently. Then, should things progress as you think they may, my men and I may lend our 'talents' to your cause. This is all based on your ability to pay our fees of course." "Of course." Magic echoed bowing as the men passed on their way out of the tavern.

    Coming back to the table with Phaedrin, Tanager, and the Savage, Magic sat down happy with the conversation he just had.

    Phaedrin prodded, "Those men are scoundrels and mercenaries. What could have driven you to go and talk with them Master Hands?" Magic looked serious, "They have talents we can use to discover where Piram might be, and what may be happening in areas we fear to tread. I believe that we will need the information and their help before this is finished. Those fellows are battle hardened, and know how to handle themselves in a fight. And I truly believe there WILL be a fight before this is put to rest." 

    Magic regarded the Savage sitting with them, "Now, what can we do about our situation with our guest here?" Magic asked no one in particular...

    And Meanwhile...

    HoldenCaufield's Post

    The flickering of the table candle held the Savage's gaze as the events unfolded around him in the darkness of the pub. His mumbling, at first appearing from sheer exhaustion, began to string together an ancient chant as his mind remained trapped with darkness.

    The smoke of the candle grew thick, evolving into small forms of floating armies. As his companions began to take notice, the firelight of the hearth roared with black smoke, evolving into a massive abomination that quickly devoured the apparitions. Had the hare the ability to see the hawk as it came down upon it, no doubt, it would surely have shared a similar expression to that of his companions in the moment. Whether it was eating its own armies or those of its opponent was unclear.

    "Stop.", whispered a tiny and familiar voice in the back of his head. It was only a single word, but one that carried a wealth of meaning. And with that the smoke quickly evaporated, leaving a pile of ash. 

    The Savage leaned forward, smudging with ash, "Relik", in the middle of table. 

    And Meanwhile...

  • MagichandsMagichands Posts: 141
    HoldenCaufield's Post

    The crash of a goblet in the far corner stirred the Savage's attention. Her eyes were wide, wide and frightened. At a distance, the woman appeared a fair maiden with long hair of brilliant amber. She was dressed simply at the moment, with her revealing dress tied loosely about her waist by a large ribbon. 

    "Relic, " she managed after a moment to collect herself. With delicate and careful steps, Tanager made her way to the table and pulled the hawk's scroll from Magic's hands (excuse the pun). Though lines may exist between the languages, she seemed to transcend them and decipher the message portrayed through the apparitions and strange calligraphy from the parchment. "Oriki" (Orcs), she declared, as she finished. 

    "Jii (Yes)", the savage replied, surprised by her understanding. With much of his mind and actions controlled by the curse and blue mask set upon him, Holden, stood slowly upright and turned about to face the lady. 

    His shame of betrayal by the Shaman priestess burdened what virtuous fury remained in him. He knew these townsfolk needed his help, and in his current condition, his previous consciousness was treading water.

    He offered her his hand, a gesture he had oftentimes used before, between knight and lady and one he hoped she might accept at this late hour. He wished to protect her along the harrowing path they would set upon by dawn's break, and before he might turn cold again and distant. And as she took his hand, in the darkness of their surroundings, a bright smile was seen across her face.

    And meanwhile...

    Magichands's Post

    The man was entering in the house spelling some magical words. He had to left his friends at tavern that were discussing with the savage because a magical alarm warned him.There was something new inside... At first look everything seemed in his place but in the darkness he saw a shadow near the table in the middle of the room. After some seconds a candle turned on and he could see who was the guest.

    " Mr Blackoak. I tought you had already left our town with all your friends ! "
    " I'll meet them later. Before i had to discuss with you about our agreement " The man sat down on the chair and with a gesture of the hand, he indicated the other chair.
    " Aren't you scared to be in this room alone with me, Magichands? " There was a grin on the face of the man.
    Laughing, Magichands sat down on the chair and answered " Scared? Me? If you wanted me dead, i'd already been for while. And to be honest we aren't alone "
    From the corner of the room two eyes come out and the big wolf went to sleep near the fireplace. Max Blackoak stared a bit the big wolf and going near to Magichands said:
    "Interesting creature ! How you control it?"
    The laugh was so hard that the wolf turned his face to the 2 men. And Magichands after a second said:
    " I don't control him and i'll never tought to do that... Probably who will try to do that, will become his dinner. He goes where he wanst and when he want sand i can't do anything for that. Probably he liked me so much that he still didn't eat me " and still laughing a bit, he gave a goblet of his best wine to Max. " I'm sure you'll like it !" and then the two man drank their goblets.

    " Ok. I think now we can discuss about our agreement. To be honest i hoped to see you in our town because for this work i need the best one ! "
    " Ah so i was right... Voices that come to me weren't a case... You spread those voices ! "
    " Well you know... A word here, a word there and probably the person you are looking for will hear them" And with a little grin Magichands looked to Max.
    " But you know that your voices attracted half of the bounty hunter of our lands here???"
    " I tought that could happen, but i was sure you know also a way to prevent them reaching our town. Or i'm wrong?"

    Max Blackoak watched the man in front of him with a big grin and after a second he said:
    " It seems you know well me"
    " Well i heard many stories about you... Not all good and not all bad,but all confirmed my idea: you follow a your honor code that is hard to find in kind of people like you, and that was enough for what i needed"
    " And this is the problem: you told me you need informations and our skills but before leaving the town i tought was better speak with you directly because seems so hard to me that you can't do that alone "
    Smiling Magichands answered " You are right. This time my magical power aren't enough... I need more "the old way" of tracking a person. And you, and your men, are the best in this art. As i said before at tavern we need information to find our friend Lord Piram. I tought i could follow him with my spells but in some way he disappeared at all "
    " Disappeared? And let me guess... You didn't say anything to your friends to don't worry them? "
    " Perfect ! I knew you are the best one ! Yes i didn't say anything hoping to get your help. My last track of him is very far east from town... But except for that i can't help you much more."
    " Will be enough for us... We'll find him... For the right price " and saying that Max grins.
    " Oh don't worry for that... you can ask everything even because we need your talents also for another little thing ! "
    " Mmmm interesting... And for what? "
    " Well i don't know if you saw the savage in our tavern... Well he come in our town to warn us about a big danger that is near to hit our lands ! But he brought with himself also an hope... There is a relic we need to recover and here we'll need your help again. As you know orcs are invading our lands and .. well they put the hands on this relic... We'll try to discuss with them but i'm sure it will end up like all other times: they understand only an axe in the middle of their face ! .... So while we'll keep them busy we need you, or one of your men, will get this relic. " Then Magichands pointed his finger on the map on the table showed to Max Blackoak the location of the relic.
    " That will cost you much... It's a very dangerous place ! "
    " I know but you are the best one so i'm sure you'll find a way... And for the pay as i said before you can ask everything... I'm also a merchant and i know that to get the best resources you have to pay the right value " And saying that he held out his hand to the other man. Shaking the hand Max Blackoak answered:
    " Perfect.. That was all i needed to know... It's a pleasure make a deal with your Magichands !"
    Smiling Magichands said " Same for me Max, though i'm sure my finances will cry at the end of this story" 

    And in the meanwhile....

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    .Lord Blind Otto's Post

    Otto hauled himself from the bed, fed up with the time recuperation took. 
    "Mithras take this! I'm fit as a horse!" he declared, as he pulled his traditional blue robe about him. 
    He stepped out the front door of the temple, feeling the morning sun on his skin. 
    As his foot reached the second step, he heard a whistling noise, getting closer....

    "Truly, people, you must keep a closer eye on your patients!" scolded the healer guildmaster, as he checked Otto's pulse.
    "Why, you cannot leave an old, blind man like this, still recovering from a major trauma, to wander outside unattended while the annual dragon tossing competition takes place nearby! Now he'll need another month or so in that bed! I hope you feel ashamed of yourselves!"

    and meanwhile.

    Old Timer's Post

    Piram, or should we say 'possessed Piram', stood upon the raised stone slab. Ancient runes marked the circumference with a large bench of reagents, flasks and alchemy tools in the center. Possessed Piram stood before the bench, cackling happily whilst mixing reagents and speaking an occasional enchantment. The real Piram, watching through eyes he no longer controlled, was helpless to do anything to prevent the actions before him. And it tore at his soul to think his body would be the tool of such evil.

    Possessed Piram said aloud, "These wretches that think they control this land will come to see, and soon! When I have finished my preparations they will all know. Once unleashed, this land will be plunged into pestilence... darkness... pain! Theses fools will come to bow before me or they will suffer and die!" Anticipating the mayhem to come the possessed Piram cackled even more manically. 

    Piram's mind raced with thoughts... "My friends will surely seek me out. With the grace of Mithras, they should find this place and free me from this evil. But if not, I will gladly perish if it protects the land from this 'creature' that inhabits me. I pray to the god Mithras that Magic, Phaedrin, or another virtuous crusader can find a way to free me or stop this evil. One that should never allowed to be released upon the land."

    And meanwhile...

    Magichands's Post

    There was silence in the big room... Most of people left the tavern some hours ago and now everything was quite... Magichands gave to his friends at the table a cup of a special liquor.
    "My friends, it's very late now and we need all to rest. This liquor will help you to rest and recover a bit of energy"
    They all start to drunk from their cup and at the end Phaedrim said:
    "Recover energy if it doesn't kill you before ! What is?"
    Lady Tanager instead had an happy face.
    "Don't know what is, but i like it !!! And i think also our new friend Holden like it !"
    On the savage's face there was a big smile and he said a word in common language:
    "Friends !!!"
    Magichands answered smiling:
    " Probably because he understood what is... But for respect of their traditions i will not say what is this liquor"
    "Anyway my friends, i think now we know what we have to do... I think our is a good plan, we found also who will help us to find Piram and the relic and so it's time to call all our friends. I sent already Ang Ogger to spread voice around towns and i hope all brave defenders of our lands will have enough time to get ready for the fight !"
    And filling again all cups he said:
    "For our friend Piram ! We'll save him!!!"

    And in the meanwhile....

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    Old Timer's Post

    Possessed Piram walked around the circle of runes, placing a flask containing agents mixed and chanted over. Six in all. Evenly spaced and placed directly on specific runes. It was time to call in his minions to aid in his grand plan of dominance.

    Returning to the center of the stone slab, now cleared of everything but the newly placed flasks, possessed Piram began to chant. Intricate hand movements accompanying the words spoken. In a long dead tongue the creature repeated the same words, "Praecepta Domini... Mortus Est... Daemonium... Anima Mea... Vivet!" His voice rising with each repetition of the verse. Over and over until it was booming through the chamber. Abruptly he stops, and claps his hands once.

    The six flasks surrounding him instantly burst in plumes of back mist, swirling and coalescing. Finally taking the form of six dark figures. The minions that would protect and aid the Dark One as it put it's plan of dominance into play. 

    Walking to the edge of the slab, possessed Piram turned and faced his new acolytes. Grinning a sinister grin, he slowly raised his outstretched arms above his head. As it did, the freshly minted soldiers of his will knelt and bowed their heads in unison.

    A great cackle rose from the throat of the possessed knight, "Good. GOOD! All is going to plan. Soon my 'pets' I will unleash you and you will feast. The souls of innocents make such a good meal!" Even more cackling, as the Dark One turned and exited into an antechamber. Leaving the minions, still kneeling in obedience.

    And meanwhile...

    Lord Blind Otto's Spot

    In his dreams, the blind man saw. Cracks of white light spread across his field of vision like a great spider's web. Through the cracks, he saw a dark being, shadow-like tendrils reaching out from its bony fingers, towards the floating form of Sir Piram. As each tendril touched a limb, that limb moved in response. As one touched Piram's head, his eyes moved, and his mouth formed words. 

    Aghast, unsure if he was truly dreaming, or awake, Otto reached through one of the cracks, and grabbed a tendril, pulling at it with all his smith-forged strength. A prayer to Mithras on his lips, he hauled on the tendril for all he was worth. 

    The creature turned, eyes blazing with hate, and then with pain. It screamed in agony as Otto severed the tendril. Piram's eyes opened, just for a moment. He spoke "Otto! Run! There is no hope for me! Save thyself!"
    Then another unearthly tendril sun outwards, wrapping itself around Piram's head, and he fell silent again. The creature turned towards Otto, and waves a claw-infested hand towards him - just as the white cracks spun out in all directions, narrowed, and were gone. 

    Otto awoke, his wounds healed, but two cries ringing in his ears. One, the howl of a beast who has just lost its prey. The other, the cry of a friend who may be lost.
    But somehow, he knew he had given Piram a fighting chance. Now, how to find him, and how to bring him aid? 
    Pushing a flappy healer aside, he headed for his pigeon coop. The Knights were few and scattered, but the folks of UWSP had shown similar valor, if not similar fighting prowess. Perhaps there was aid to be found there?

    Before long, the powerful wings of a Wintermoor pigeon cleaved the air, heading across Malas...

    and meanwhile...
  • Old Timer's Post


    Piram sat in the large familiar chair at the head of the table in the main room of the Defense Hall of UWSP Town. Sitting on the sides, sat brothers Phaedrin and Argus Agrivar. This was their first meal, and quiet time, since the combined effort to free him and return him to a normal state of being.

    His head still throbbed. An after effect from the possession and subsequent exorcism. Physicians from the Mithras Temple had thoroughly checked him over at the direction of Lord Otto. They had proclaimed him remarkably fit for someone who had just been inhabited by an evil entity, so there should be no health issues from the ordeal. But those close to him feared not for his health, but more for his spirit.

    Piram spoke, "I can never repay the kindness, nor the valor displayed by many people of the land. This day, they all have reaffirmed my faith that good men, good women, will band together for a just cause. Valor, honor, and compassion still live in the hearts of those that brave life in Siege. I must walk the path each day they have lit to honor them and this deed." 

    The brothers smiled at this. It sounded like their older brother, and it was pleasing to hear it.

    "Magic Hands, Tanager, Lord Otto, many others from our town. Strangers, Savages, even some of questionable repute... all banded together to act as a single force. It shows that all can come together for a common cause and prevail. Had this not happened, I would be lost. This exemplifies the spirit of those that make their way in these lands. Strength, was multiplied by the many, where one... or few, would fail. I hope all remember this day. Not that I was saved, but the day a great evil was put down by the combined actions of the many. United, there is little that cannot be done." Piram finished. 

    Smiling at his siblings, he simply said, "Let's eat, drink, and celebrate the victorious!"

    This ends Piram's Story. Hopefully it will entice others to write about their characters and experiences in this world we escape to. Possibly even trigger more player made game content. I must one last time thank Magic, Tanager (my guildies), Blind Otto (who I have known a good long time), new friends - Holden Caulfield, and Max Blackoak (both of whom were involved in planning but could not make the event sadly), our excellent EM Kincaid (best in UO... but I might be biased), and lastly but not least the many fine players of Siege that came and participated in a possibly "hair brained" player conceived fiction.
    I enjoyed it greatly, and I hope each that participated did as well. Now to start planning another adventure....

  • Tanager's Post

    Tanager looked at the rocky wall of the cave, following it upwards to give the stalactites above her a lingering frown of concern. It felt like one good earthquake spell could bring the whole place down on her! Narrow, winding tunnels had never really been her thing. She liked open areas, full of sun, water, and growing things.

    She would have sighed, but that would have alerted the various creatures of earth and stone that lived here. Instead, she waited a minute longer and then slid from behind the cover of a stalagmite to a pile of rubble not far away. Her elven eyes needed no magic to see in this dismal place, the luminescent fungi being enough. But a stray sound would be all it would take to have every living thing in the place upon her. She continued to make her way stealthily deeper into the cave system, until she came upon an underground river.

    There were only a couple creatures here, so she led them on a short chase away from her chosen spot. Simple minded things, they went back to mindlessly sifting through the clay soil for whatever it was that gave them life as soon as they lost her trail. She returned to the water's edge and, with a satisfied smile, pulled a fishing pole out of her wondrously magical little pouch. This was her third day attempting to catch the elusive Fire Fish that could only be found in these waters. She supposed the only advantage to fishing in such dreary surroundings was that there was far less places the fish could be hiding. She knew it was only a matter of time.

    In fact, it turned out to be just an hour later that her pole bent to the weight of a huge fish! The struggle to land it was immense, nearly pulling her into the waters where who-knew-WHAT horrible things lived. As she struggled to reel it in, its great ugly head kept surfacing to breath angry fire at her, with horns and enormous teeth that promised to tear her to shreds if she did manage to get it out of the river.

    Finally though, she was victorious! Exhausted, she cast a preservation spell on it and then lay on the ground panting with the effort. Eventually, she heard the rustling of stone on stone, and knew some creature or another was shuffling blindly closer to her - no doubt drawn to the beastly roaring of the fish and her excited shouts. Tanager sipped from a potion flask to give her the strength to carry such a massive catch as this out of the dungeon. Surely, this would make a fine trophy!

    fire fishjpg
  • Magichands's Post

    Lord Magichands was in front of the UWSP Town Tavern waiting that all citizens and workers were ready for his instruction. Looking over the people he recognized many knows faces and some new, and that made him smiles because that meant the voice about the new Town Festival was spreading around the world !

    After a second he started to speak:
    " My friends thank you to be here !!! Probably many of you heard about the Town Festival that will be held in our town in next week. There are many things we have to get ready for the festival but i'm sure that with your help everything will be perfect ! So it's time to start with all preparations !!*
    He turned his face to the group of baker, pastry chef,cooks and brewers that were waiting in a corner in front of the tavern.
    " From you i expect your best food, cakes and sweet for the Festival. I'm sure that Lady Tanager will help you with her wonderful recipe so please keep her updates about the preparation and follow her orders ! " and then he winked to Lady Tanager that was next to him getting as answer her smile.

    Then he turned his face to a group of guards around the tavern.
    " From you i expect you'll keep order in town during the festival... Probably many people will drink a bit much or will want have fun. But i'm sure you can keep everything in order, expecially if you'll follow the order of our Town Militia General Lord Piram !" and then he nods to Lord Piram that was waiting near him in his fancy uniform.

    Turning his face to a group of jester he said:
    " From you my friends, i expect that you'll keep all kids and visitors happy during the festival ! And i'm sure that our friend Lord Nightwind will be happy to help in that ! " and turning to Lord Nightwind he start to laugh saying" and please my friend... you don't need to entertain all Ladies always in your room !!! " The smiles as answer he got from Lord Nightwind announced already his plans.

    Turning to Lord Ol'rac, Lord Magichands said:
    " My friend from you i expect that you can make confortable all town governors that will join our festival... Now you are in the world of politics so it's time you start to improve your diplomatic arts !" ... Lord Ol'rac smiled nodding.

    After that Lord Magichands started to give order to all other workers that were in front of him, giving instruction about where move things and where build new structure for the festival.

    At the end he was a bit tired but happy because preparations were started. Then he turned to his friends around him and said to all:
    "Now we have only to wait for the great day and enjoy it !!"
  • Magichands's Post

    He was looking the man sit in front of him and after some second he said:
    "So the decision is taken my friend?" 
    Magichands knew already the answer but he wanted be sure to try at least a last time.
    "Yes Magichands. Me and my brothers we took the decision. Our time in these lands was wonderful and plenty of adventures but we need something new. You know well how we are and how we like new challenge" and after saying that, Piram smiled to the man in front of him.
    Magichands smiled back and then got up from his chair.
    "Well in this case i have a present for you and your brothers from me and all your friends."
    Saying that he took from a corner of the room a big bag closed and gave to Piram.
    "I'm sure these will help all of you in your new journey! But be always careful my friend and remember that here you'll find always us waiting for you !"
    Piram gave his hand to Magichands and after a strong handshake he said:
    "Thank for the help in these months Magicands. It was an honor stay with all of you! And thank you also all our friends that helped to save me from that Lich !"
    "It was an honor for us my friend ! It's rare in these days find a knight like you !! I wish you and your brothers best luck in your adventures !"
    After saluted his friend and took the bag, the knight walk outside the door saying:
    "I'll miss you for sure !"
    "We'll miss you all my friend ! But i'm sure we'll meet again ! So farewell Piram and stay far from any lich !"

    While he was watching the knight step away, a voice woke up suddendly Magichands.
    "That bag was interesting ! What did you drop inside it?" The voice of the wolf was strong as usually in the mind of Magichands.
    "Lupacchiotto ! Nothing escapes you! Well anyway was just a present from all UWSP for all the 3 brothers with a little personal touch from me. Something that will help them to find the way back for this town, when they will miss us much !" and saying that he smiled.
    "Ahhh now i understand... Anyway i'll miss him a bit me too... Was interesting met that kind of knight, expecially in these days !"
    "True my friend... True ! It seems yesterday that we saw him enter in our town, with the colours and sign of KSS, that old knight order. And now we are watching him leave as friend and also member of our guild ! He taught us the old way of knight, how to stand in front of enemy without fear to protect friends ! But him and his brothers are always in looking for new adventures. So we can only wish them the best !! "
    "Yes we'll do that for sure !" and after those words the wolf howl strong, an howl that in all lands around the town all could hear.
    "I'm sure after this warning, noone will give problems to our friends outside there, Lupacchiotto !!"... 
    And after that they bow both their head to the knight that was at the limit of the town on his horse and was saluting all from there.
    "Now run my friend ! My brothers are waiting for me !!" and after whispered those words to the horse, Piram disappeared in a cloud of dust.
    "Goodbye My friend ! Goodbye ! I'll wait your return !" Yelled to the wind Magichands.
  • Blargety's Post

    Out of the shadows a lone scout moves with purpose. It has been decades since his people stalked and roamed these lands, but the scout is determined in his search. Never faltering in his stealth, he moves through the ether like a ghost while looking for a suitable location for his tribe to setup their new encampment, where they will rise out of the ashes and once again demand that the humans either give them tribute in material items or else pay tribute to the God of Blood with their own life.

    Much has changed since the last clan left this world. They were known as the Shadowclan, a ruthless tribe of Orcs who waged a war of total domination on the land known as Siege Perilous. Remnants of their society remain in many places south of Yew and as the scout moves he deems the lands both too sacred, and too consumed for his people to return. Before leaving, he places a hand on the door of the Shadowclan’s cursed keep, which still stands strong over a decade after their clan left Siege Perilous forever.

    “Lat Kihagh agh Ogba narkuu magru Shadowclan.” He whispered under his breath before turning to continue down the path towards the magic gate that would take him to new lands where he could scout for a plot of land large enough for this new tribe. (“Your bloodlust and brutality will never die Shadowclan.”)

    After traversing through the magic gateway still unseen by human eyes, the scout unsteadily steps through the portal. “Dis bubhosh mojo” he said while re-entering a state of concealment in a dead city known to the humans who rule the land as Umbra.

    Being careful to continue avoiding watchful eyes, the lone orc follows the road at a steady pace. He moves past an abandoned fort. Thinking that it may be a suitable location, he slinks inside only to find that humans who do not even live in Siege Perilous have consumed the land inside with concrete and stone foundations that hold no actual homes.

    “Deez hummies consooms uuk dems see. Dems will lurn…” he said on his way out of the gate towards the road.

    Through tunnels and caves, he travels passing a group of soulless Orcs who stand eternal guard at a small outpost before the cave entrance. On the other side, a small building with several humans was in his way. Sneaking by with relative ease, he continues north west through the woods until he comes across a series of bridges. Peering over the edge, there is nothing but darkness.

    Across the final bridge, a vast empty island sits. A small patch of trees is present, but the land is completely untainted by humans and their consumption. “Dis be duh uzg… Dis be duh Ub fer us Orcs.” Blug’Tar said while slicing his hand open with an arrowhead produced from the quiver on his waist, offering a tribute of blood for the Blood God. “Blug’Tar bringin duh Nightmare Clan hummies… lat jus wayt.”

    Bring them the Orc did. In small numbers at first, they began arriving at the fort in ones and twos. Ancient Mojokos with an acute understanding of the natural order of magical arts. Great Lusk-R Orcs, wielding two-handed double-edged axes large enough to split a man in two. More Scouts, swift moving and ever-silent. The fort grew and grew. Small hovels, and large forts sprouting out of the ground erected by the hands of the Nightmare Clan. "Duh Bluud God beun pleesed wit dis Ash." The Scout said, now standing as the chief of his own tribe of Scouts as he looked over admiring his peer Chieftains from the Mojokos, the Sneek-Rs, and the Masters of the Blade.

    "Is uh maddur uv Duhkta agh Clog Blug'Tar" Sadug said, her face covered by the shroud of an ancient cloak that appeared to conceal her every movement. "Deez hoomies nub grukkin duh weys uv duh land. We mak dem pey undil dem nub able duh pey. Den we tayk dem bluud if dem nub keeb payun." 

    "Yub. We taykin dem bluud sumtimes jusd fer duh fun uv id." Kub'dub said watching another of the Gruntees carrying a large stack of logs. "Dem nub geddin enything fer free todey." 

    "Har har?" laughed Nub'Gruk, half in question to his fellow orcs, and half as a statement. 

    "Yub. Sewn, me sendun dem Mak'rs duh viset duh 'oomie Makr guild dat livun clows by. We makuh trayd contrakt wit dem. Dem honer id, agh dem steyin humbull, dem nub havun prawblums. If dem nub grukkin duh noo weys, den we burnin dem citee to duh grownd. We squish dem liykuh duh ruglug bugs dem beun." Blug'Tar said inhaling deeply. "ZUUUUUUUUGT'HAAAAGZ, Lat ged over heer, me sendun lat on a mishun."

    Meanwhile in the nearby village of the United Workers of Siege Perilous...
  • Magichands's Post

    People in UWSP town were running around scared and all that noise woke up Magichands.
    "What's all this noise???????"....Still a bit slept he moved outside the bed and went to check outside the window of the governor's house. Was a pure chaos ! And all people were screaming about orcs.
    "All this chaos for some orcs??? This isn't the first time they appear in our town !!" More curious than scared, Magichands went outside the house after dressing with his suit.
    The panic was total and after a bit an old woman, the cook of the town, stopped in front of the man saying: "My lord ! Save us !! There is an orc !! "
    "And what is the problem???? We faced many of them !! "
    "My lord this orc speak our language !!!! He is polite and don't smell bad !!! Must be a sorcery !!!! " and then the woman run away.
    Magichands with his mounth still opened for the shock said:
    "This is very interesting ! I have to meet him !" 
    So he started to walk faster to the market and once there, he saw in front of the town's monument an orc. Was dressed in a strange way for an orc but in his eyes all could see a strong will.
    Walking slowly near the orc, Magichands said: "Welcome in our town stranger ! How can i help you?"...
    In a fluently human language the orc answered:
    "You must be Lord Magichands, or how we call you Mojocohaans ! I'm ZUGT'HAGZ and i'm here because our chief has a proposal for you !"
    A bit surprised but more curious Magichands answered:
    "Wonderful ! Please come with me ! We'll discuss in a more comfortable place!"
    And said that he started to walk to the governor's house.
    "An orc that doesn't smell bad ! I saw everything now !!!

    And in the meanwhile.....
  • Magichands's Post

    Lord Magichands was closing the door of the UWSP governor's house... The emyssary of the orc clan was coming back in his town after a long discussion about tributes and some trade deal that orcs wanted from hommies of UWSP Town. 
    A voice as usually started to speak in his mind:
    " Well i think you got a good deal with them... They are a bit strange but i think they will respect the deal."
    "You are right my friend... They have honor, a their own special kind, but it's anyway honor... And your presence here helped a bit in the discussion... But if i was you, i'll be careful... The orc was really attracted by your fangs, Lupacchiotto" and saying that he started to laugh. 
    " They have only to try !!! And anyway i think the one in troubles is you my friend... The part of blood tribute for their god is a big problem." 
    "Yep you are right, but i have an idea... There are some creatures on these lands that many centuries ago were humans, or hommies as they call us. Maybe if we help them to kill these creatures, their god will be happy anyway, they will be happy to clomp someone or something, and who know... Maybe we'll get some shinies ... And most important part: we'll save life of hommies... If orcs are busy in other fights they can't clomp us !" 
    "Mmm it's a good plan... There is only a problem".
    "Yes my friend... I hope their Elder Chief will accept our proposal.... " and saying that Lord Magichands turned to check outside the window.
    "Only time will give us an answer...."

    And in the meanwhile....

    Old Timer's Post

    The brothers Agrivar stood at the stern of the great Brit Galleon. All had the look of sadness as they watched the port of Jhelom shrink from their sight. Piram glanced at his brothers, recalling the last conversation he had with Magic. About a year had passed since the three returned to Sosaria... Not better friends they could have asked for, and UWSP welcomed them from the start. Now they were returning to the land of their family to aid with the war which had sprung up while they were away.

    A big black clipper passed within yards of the big Brit ship... the wakes from each boat upsetting the calm ride of the other. Some of the deckhands and officers shouted some 'choice words' towards the dark ship. Nothing was heard in response...

    Piram noticed the three huddled at the bow of the great black clipper as it passed. He nodded at his brothers, then towards the three men on that black ship..." What do you make of them " he spoke.

    Argus responded first, " Aye, that ship, and those three ... I fear trouble will result ". Piram nodded in agreement, " Aye, I feel this is a bad time for our departure, but duty calls us home. " Phaedrin, always the optimist said, " I dunno, sure they look rough, but many in these lands look rough. Looks mean little... " Piram, as he is the more seasoned of the brothers, responded, " I've seen their like before, and mark my words they mean mischief. Of that I have no doubt. "

    Turning away from the ships rail, the three headed below decks. The journey home would be long and tiring. The land of Sosaria was no longer their concern, it would have to make do without them.

    The big black ship berthed at the Port of Jhelom. The three men that had stood at its bow now made their way down the gangway onto the bustling docks. The hardest looking of the three grabbed a slight of build dock worker and slammed him hard against a big crate. In a voice more growl than human he asked, " Blackoak... I seek the Blackoaks... " Choking and sputtering the dock worker responded, barely audible.. " Blackoaks? Why the Blackoaks...? " 

    Angered by the response given, the burly man then tossed the dockworker aside. He started off through the crowded docks speaking without looking back, " Come my brothers, we will find the ones we seek, and the riches that await us." The two hurriedly moved to catch up, knocking several persons to the deck of the docks in their haste.
  • MagichandsMagichands Posts: 141
    A bit of time passed since last post in this thread so let's see if people want continue p

    Magichands's Post

    Lord Magichands was in front of the gate of UWSP Town. In front of him there was a strange fellow with on both of his side 2 goblins that were carrying some heavy backpack. Behind them there was a very long caravan of carts full of many materials for buliding. 
    Lord Magichands went more near the man and giving his hands said:
    " Welcome in UWSP Town, Master Hammerwood. Your fame precedes you. I hope you had a good journey through these lands."
    Master Hammerwood answered with his strong voice:
    " Thank you very much my lord ! The journey was very nice and without big problems. And for the little problems..." he turned smiling to a big goblin that was sitting down on a cart by himself, wearing a full plate armor. " But speaking about us: i heard
    about your request for a new project for the town. It sounds very interesting and it will be a challenge for my skills and for my assistants. So if our terms of agreements are good for you, i think you can show me from where we have to start our job !"
    Lord Magichands smiled to the man in front of him saying:
    " I like people that don't lose time ! And for the agreement, everything sound good for me ! I can show you the way" and saying that Lord Magichands started to walk through the town. After just a few moments, around the new visitors there was a big number of people. Some were enthusiastic, some were hesitant for all the mess in town and some were a bit confused seeing so many goblins around the town.
    "Don't worry citizens ! This isn't an invasion. This is Master Hammerwood and his crew. They will stay in our town for a while helping us for some building work in our town. So show them what is the hospitality of UWSP Town !" Magichands was smiling, while repeating that to all people around. But turning around a corner he had to stop. 
    In front of him there was a big wolf that was looking up and down all the new visitors of the town. Suddendly it made a fierce howl and along all the forest there were more howls. The big goblin on the carts, suddendly jumped down with his big axe in the hands. 
    "All calms down now !" The voice of Lord Magichands was clear and strong. " This wolf and his family aren't enemies and these goblins, Lupacchiotto, aren't enemy. They are here to help us with our new project !" and saying that he started caress the big head of the wolf. The wolf for a few second still continued to check the new goblins than he turned to Magichands and started to enjoy the caress. 
    "I don't like them my friend " said the wolf in the mind of Lord Magichands.
    "I know well my friend, but we need them for our projects and i think that you showed them who is that command here. So please don't scare them and just patrols the border of town as usually. I promise that everything will finish soon !"
    "If you say so..." and the wolf turned and started to walk to the forest. Just before disappearing, he turned to goblins and showed them his fangs.
    Lord Magichands started to laugh and going near Master Hammerwood said:
    "Sorry for the little show of my friend... He just like impress new visitors of the town"
    Master Hammerwood was a bit nervous but after a while, he took a breath and answered:
    "You have very strange friends Lord Magichands, but if you are sure there will be not problems, we'll work without any waits" and saying that he turned to a big plot in front of him. "And i assume this is the first project you spoke, right?"
    Lord Magichands smiled watching the plot in front of him:
    "Yes Lord Hammerwood... I want something that will leave people without any words !"
    "We'll see Lord Magichands... But you can be sure that will make our best to satisfy your request !"
    "It's for that i wanted the best builder of these lands for this project !" and saying that he shaked the hand of the man in front of him.
  • MagichandsMagichands Posts: 141
    Magichands's Post

    Lord Magichands was watching the caravan of goblin leaving the town. The last person leaving the town was master Hammerwood and Magicands was in front of him.
    " Lord Hammerwood ! I have no words to thank you and your crew for the wonderful job you did in our town ! Now the 2 new building are ready for being used ! I think your fame is well deserved ! "
    " Was a pleasure Lord Magichands ! It was a big challenge for me and my goblins but i think we realized two of our best works ! I hope that they will help you and your town ! "
    " For sure my lord ! We'll try to make a good use of them ! " Saying that Lord Magichands took from his backpack a bag full of gold and gems and giving to the man in front of him he said:
    " This is the payment for your service ! With a little bonus for the wonderful work ! When we'll need again an help in our town, you can be sure we'll call you ! "
    " Thank you very much my lord ! Will be a pleasure working with you again ! Now it's time i leave this town... A new project wait for me ! " and saying that, he gave the hand to Lord Magichands and start to follow his goblin's crew.

    After a while they disappeared along the road and Lord Magichands walk back to the town and stop in front of the first of the new building.
    Watching the building, a smile appeared on his face and he said to himself:
    " I hope this building will help our town and community to grew together ! "
    " Well for being goblins, they made a good work here and they didn't left a bad smell behind them! "
    Magichands jumped hearing the voice, but turning back he saw his friend Lupacchiotto near him.
    " You scared me ! And anyway yes, they made a wonderful work here ! Maybe if they could stay here for more time, you could become friends ! " and saying that Magichands smiled in front of the face of the wolf !
    " Me friend of goblins??? Bleahhhhhhhhh... How you can have a so horrible idea??? ! "
    Then after a while they started to laughed together and Magichands caressing the head of the wolf said:
    " Well i think it's time to announce the project and see how it will go ! "
    They started to walk to the Pigeons' Master House that probably in next hours would be very busy sending around messages.

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