As a result of the current event:-

My chef is learning to butcher her own meat with the dissecting kit

My alchemist has installed additional equipment close to her kiln

And the owner of the Mountain View Gym and Nightclub is finding it much easier to do her accounts


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    Some of my power crystals don't flash:

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    Wow, looks like home based zipactriotl...
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  • this was a cool idea thanks for sharing it

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    Thanks! I am always on the lookout for new ideas and I love it when there's a theme. I think I might find a way to do something similar. I love when I go into a room and see it as if it was actually in use.
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    Nice! I really like your deco.

    I still haven't gotten the bonsai to drop but plan on using a couple to decorate the rooms in my South Luna Tavern and Inn.
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    I love what both of you have done with your areas.
    Awesome work
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    Dang I love these and am going to send my thief to steal err borrow them.  Thanks for sharing
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