Rare Wheelbarrow Plant Colors?



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    I absolutely love the wheelbarrow itself, and the plants are wonderful!  Gardeners have been begging for colored plants that kept the leaves green. YAY!!

    An unusual variety, a bit grainy cuz I enlarged the image. It is dyed Wind Azul. Has anyone gotten other plant types that are not classic or peculiar variety yet? Also, has anyone seen a hedge or Cyprus tree? Cuz that would be neat.
  • I took a UO break for like 10 days and missed the whole wheelbarrow thing *sigh* For the love of God don't just drop one in my pack or anything. I pay like 40 bucks a month for this?
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    Tanager said:
    Has anyone gotten other plant types that are not classic or peculiar variety yet? Also, has anyone seen a hedge or Cyprus tree? Cuz that would be neat.

    Tangar, on Mugen I got two things that I think someone else called a "climbing rose" and then another plant that I first thought was the vanilla plant, but actually isn't.

    In the picture below, you can see two of the "climbing roses" next to my character and the other plant that I can't identify yet right next to them, with the finger pointing at it.  Don't have any natural dye yet to try on them.

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    oooh how lovely! ty for posting a pic :)
  • I never considered dropping plants on a dye tub... I still like the rubble barrels better, but that's a great idea.
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    The few new varieties I have I dyed with a Rare Magenta Dye...I like them. 

    That big spread out one....is Rare Fire Red.

    DO love the climbing roses, hoping to get lots more of those..so far I have gotten 2.

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    Thanks all for sharing the new plant screenies. Some very strange new plants there...
    @Margrette I really like your house!

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    I seen only this type on Legends so far, everywhere else they are enchanted wheelbarrow
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    How many plants should the wheelbarrow give?  I have received only one plant since the first day the wheelbarrow were available.  Is it one plant per wheelbarrow?
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    I believe it's one plant per week? I'm getting antsy waiting for more.
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    One of the top Viewed threads is , Rare Wheelbarrow Plant Colors...lol. Yeah we all really care about EJ lol...**goes to work**
    And, considering that the "forte" of UO is being a SANDBOX game, let's thanks the black souls of the evil steampunk clone of Blackthorn for this! :)
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    Faeryl said:
    I believe it's one plant per week? I'm getting antsy waiting for more.
    My wheelbarrows on Balhae had full flowerpots after server maintenance this evening.
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    I was able to collect some more today...I shard-traded so I didn't collect all on the same day...I did get 2 today that I haven't gotten so I am happy..no rare colors yet, these I dyed purple.

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    I had 1 today not sure why, only 1 out of 120 isn’t right 

    im going to wait until they are all full the harvest them all same time and see if it happens again 
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 817
    Yeah I was going to do that but I just couldn't resist the temptation :/ It's an addiction lol.

  • SkettSkett Posts: 429
    Lol I hear ya hard not to 

    I just went and checked them again now there are 11 out of 120 
    they must not be on server maintenance schedule 
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 817
    Did you harvest them all at the same time or different times? Must be from the time they are harvested then....I will have to resist the urge to harvest the rest of mine until they all catch up....ohhh that's gonna be hard!

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    These are the item id's on the plants I have collected so far:

    These two are the only color ones I have had

    Cheers MissE

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    The blue one I have is Hue ID 3

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    Kfitz said:

    Not sure what color this is but it came from the wheelbarrow
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 817
    WOW extreme close-up!

    Looks like fire orange? Do you use the EC? You can Hue ID it if you do :) It's very pretty..I haven't gotten a pampas grass yet :(

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    @Margrette , you should offer home design services. I'd hire you to make my place look better.
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     hue 2729

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    Cyrus said:
     hue 2729

    Oooh... pretty.
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    Well I just did anther 120 wheelbarrows today and I only got 6 colored plants 
    3 pink
    1 orange/red
    2 blue 

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