Maximising mini-champ drops?

I am trying to acquire the breastplate of the berserker for my most recently created character. It drops from the renowned acid elemental
I have worked the spawn several times and find the usual number of items in the corpse is 5. On the last occasion another player arrived and attacked the renowned as well. On checking the corpse a second time after it went public, I noted the additional number of items, and it set me thinking.
Would I have more chance of getting the drop I wanted if I persuaded some of my guild mates to come help me?  In other words, would more items in the corpse give me a better % chance that one of them would be the item I wanted?


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    I think this might hold true for Peerless bosses which have the drops on the corpse but is the breastplate something that drops on the corpse (I've never gotten one)??

    I've noticed this too that in most cases the more people there the more loot is given (ie you might get 10 pieces if you solo but if you had 5 people there everyone might get like 8 pieces).
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    It seems like you're actually asking about two separate systems here Petra.

    First: Do more characters damaging a monster increase the number of items in the monsters corpse?

    I personally have not seen any evidence of this. I've killed a bunch of the higher end monsters with varying numbers of accounts and the number of items seems to always be with the same range. I.E. one character kills a monster and the corpse has 7 items most of the time, but 12 items sometimes. Four characters kill the monster and the corpse has 7 items most of the time, but 12 items sometimes.

    So, I'd say that maybe the renowned was on the higher range of it's spawn attributes and had extra loot, which you weren't seeing with previous spawns. Or, mini-champs may work differently than what I've been fighting!

    Luck of course gives the chance at more items. You could have run into someone who got a successful luck roll and that's what you saw. (Or a successful luck roll on top of a higher spawn range.)

    Or the other damager could have dropped items onto the corpse...unlikely, but possible.

    Second: Would guildmates help with getting the artifact you're looking for?

    Yes, in multiple ways. Additional slaughter capacity would help you cycle the spawn more quickly - obviously.

    However, since you're looking for an artifact drop, and assuming mini-champs work like other critters and the artifact can appear both on the corpse and in your pack, the more characters that damage the monster, the more rolls you will get for the artifact when the monster dies.

    My personal experience with renowned is that they have about a 1:20 chance of dropping an artifact in your pack. So, if you are the only damager, roll a d20 and hope for a 20. That's alot of champs to hunt. Have some fun and create your own luck by getting 15 guildmates to smack the critter around with you (UO's top 16 damager system), and all 16 of you get a d20 roll. Much better chance of someone getting a drop.

    Good luck!
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    Maybe it works like shadowguard, more character in a party and involved in damaging the boss gives more drop on corpse. 

    If there party breaks up just before the boss die, then the corpse will be split between members, and combine after it goes public. 

    This happens during the Lithos and Pyros event too... 
    We love bugs....
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