Deal or No Deal and Find the DJ on Napa Valley 7PM Eastern Saturday 4/10/2021


  • My suggestion is to post this in the main board and let the same people complain who complained before. The thread wasn't locked last time until after the event was over, and they didn't say there was anything wrong with the original post. Of course you can ask whatever moderator that was for clarification but in context I took that as there being nothing wrong with the post -- just with the replies.
  • AtomicBettyAtomicBetty Posts: 255
     This is a Role Play forum which has nothing to do with your event. Please take your stuff where it belongs the napa valley shard forum.
  • RorschachRorschach Posts: 509Moderator
    Let the Moderators do the moderating. Thank you. As this event has concluded, there is no further need to comment on this particular thread.
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