Siege Perilous - Bypassing RoT System

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Currently you can stone/unstone a skill to reset the RoT timer instantly, making it so you can train a char from all 0's to 6x 120 in like three hours.  It's been known about for years on Siege and has been posted on stratics already (maybe even here?).  I have paged about it multiple times already.

1).  Is this a bug, and if so, will it be fixed?
2).  If it is not going to be fixed, can we at least get some lore or something added so it doesn't feel like a blatant exploit?
3).  Since getting around RoT has generated lots of new players + in-game store revenue, would you consider just getting rid of the RoT system instead?


  • CriticalCritical Posts: 17
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    Bump - can we get an official response on this?  If there's no response I will just assume this is an intended mechanic. 
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    Gimme my stuff back you rotten PKayer.
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    hi I would not assume anything.  I asked about the full bag thing during the deciet event, they said nothing.  Next thing we know with the new patch we just got they made it so that full bags now will drop the event item to the ground. 
     The devs don't speak most days or times(busy with all the new ideas going on), so.............  if you want this to stop but like it, then better get a move on those skill training, next patch might change this and you won't have to ask about it again.
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