I still am unable to find the words. Longtime resident of Atlantic and Legends, Uriah Heep (Harold Acker) passed peacefully in his sleep on March 24th.  

Safe journey, sweet man.


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    *flips through the pages of an old tomb with the name Uriah Heep lettered in gold down the side. The story and histories of Uriah spread through the endless pages before him. As the light of the day fades, reaches up and sets the tomb on an old dusty shelf alongside several other names lettered the same way down the spines.*

    Uriah Heep my old friend I will miss our conversations and your fun plans for the communities of Sosaria. Travel safe my friend and rest assured you made a difference for many travelers in Sosaria.

    *Lights a Candle of Love in the window and settles down a small table by the fire with two chairs and pours two glasses of Good Old Moonglow Red. With a flourishing salute to his friend in the empty chairs he raises the glass and takes a long drink draining the glass to the dregs*

    *Glancing up to the new book of the shelf he pours himself another glass and glances over reflectively at the fire*
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  • *pays tribute to his friend* 
    A Goblin, a Gargoyle, and a Drow walk into a bar . . .

    Never be afraid to challenge the status quo

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    Sad news indeed, and unexpected as he was here on the forums only a short time ago. Tuesday, 23rd.
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    RIP buddy, you will be missed.
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    RIP   :'(
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    Rest In Peace, Ur - you will remain a Legend on Legends, My friend...
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