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From the uo wiki,
‘The inherent difficulty in Enhancing an item works as a balancing factor, the more properties an item has, and the higher the intensity of those properties, the more difficult it will be to enhance, and the higher the chance that the item will be destroyed.’

@Gilmour (from knucklehead) you might know

do we have any figures on the percentage chance to enhance an item with x percent intensity rating? Someone raised a very valid point that they feel forced to purchase a forged metal of artifacts (for real money). I have a feeling that on some items there really is a 0% chance to enhance without one. I hope this is not the case.
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    Forged Metal of Artifacts      UO Store
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    I think you're barking up the wrong tree here Merv.

    The dev team designs the rules for this game we all play. If they want to design it to drive sales to their item store, that is a perfectly legitimate design.

    They could just remove enhancing from the crafting gump and only allow enhancing to occur with items purchased from the store. You're lucky they are even giving you a .0001% chance with a smithy tool.

    They could build it so that you can only enhance with items from the store, and make it so those items gave you a 10% chance for $10 and a 50% chance for $100 and the whole system would still be entirely legitimate.

    No one is being "forced" into anything. If you want the best stuff you have pay for it. It's a business model.
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    I personally just buy the forged metal of artifacts when enhancing. I don’t mind the cost and I'm supporting the game. 
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    $10 for 10 - 100% no fail is well worth the cost esp when you max out every piece with reforge / imbuing to make 190 luck pieces or you find that rare 150 luck piece with all kinds of mods on it and you use Spine / Gold to make it 190 and you fail because you did not use a Forged Metal of Artifacts.  I have found them on VS for 40 - 100M and 1 good luck piece pays for it easy.
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    "at this stage, i am merely interested in statistics, thank you"-+-
    Posts on this account have been pre filtered from personal comment or opinion in order to protect the reader.
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    Well @Yoshi not knowing how long you have played here is some info from the way back machine Tower of Roses was the goto site for all crafters 
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