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Hi, my main character is a necro mage.  I love this template and its fun to play.  However there is a serious flaw that I have tried to correct many times but I have come to realise that its really a problem with the ultima online design of the game.  What I am talking about is mana regeneration.  With mystic mages they have a skill called focus which allows them to regenerate mana without changing form to a wraith which is what necros have to do to regen mana or summon a wisp which is easily killed.  Focus for my mystic mage is damage increase plus mana and stamina regen.  What a deal the mystic mages have in unlimited mana over necro mages.  For my necro if I want to have a mana pool I have to dismount and go into wraith form.

What I am really proposing is if spirit speak can even give half the mana regen and stamina regen of focus I wouldn't complain at all.  But as it turns out spirit speak is only for damage whereas focus works for both damage and mana and stamina regen.  Necromages require two skills for their use and none of them help mana regen whereas with mystic mages which I do have one they get damage increase plus mana and stamina regen.  I like to be on horse when I engage in pvp and it is really frustrating even with legendary artifacts offering mana regen  that my mana pool still always seems to run dry before I have to retreat and use ethereal burst as a mastery skill which I can only use once every hour or so.

Please seriously think of making spirit speak have some mana regen it will only even out the templates as far as what they can do.  Mystic mage is seriously damage and endless damage where as necros can do a part of damage but not for very long.


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    Sypanecro said:
    Hi, my main character is a necro mage.   I engage in pvp 
    "evil omen + mana vampire, you will be able to mana vamp your target even if they have 120 resisting spells, both disabling their offence and increasing yours"-+-
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    ive used that but it can be disrupted often.  it would help if they gave something like 5mr at GM spirit speak, i mean some mana regen at least.
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    the only way to get a good mana pool for a necro is when your dismounted.  It really does hamper the joy of being on horse and fighting with a decent pool of mana
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    i mean i could cast protection and evil omen mana vampire but I still stand with my opinion that spirit speak should offer a minimal amount of mana regen to keep the mana pools balanced.  If you think of it a necro mage is all spells and consumes mana and its a shame to have to be forced to rely on evil omen mana vamp to get your mana.
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