Chivalry.- Concentration Disturbed

Get this message when fighting and trying to cast chivalry spells and the spell fails.  Really did not expect to get a message like this from a melee type type skill like chivalry.  He is an elder with 110 chivalry and 120 weapon skill. Any thing he can do to get around it?  My mage casts protection but this character is not a mage.  Thanks


  • What is your faster casting, faster cast recovery?
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,090
    Did not know that made a difference for a fighter.  They are both probably zero. Jewelry has qualities that would benefit a fighter.  Those are close to maxed out on my mages but without protection they get this message to.
  • MargeMarge Posts: 677
    If your character is a human, they can cast protection with a scroll.
  • Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 959
    edited March 2021
    It's not that you're using a fighter, it's that you're casting a Chivalry "spell". (At least, that's the way UO sees it.)

    The fc/fcr caps at 4/6 for Chivalry (if that is the only "casting" skill you have on the template).
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,090
    Tried casting protection from a scroll.  Worked great.  He did much better than before.  Apparently he was failing to cast spells a lot and I just did not notice it.  Thanks for the tip.  Also, will work on his casting speed.
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