question about 3 BOD rewards

1st question is the Fermentation Barrel:
     there isn't much for information on how to use it, but I did put 200 plums in it, yes plums can be collected every 30 mins, i got the ++ yeast, put into barrel waited 24 hours, then click empty barrel and it was gone.  how do I get the wine out and do I need wine bottles?

2nd question  Miner’s Golden Map:
  so I got 1 map and 1 trinket for smelting, I found the place ended up with 498 or so ingots.  Now I didn't use the 700 rewards points for 1 map, or the 350 for 1 talisman, I went and for several hours alone I did the void pool for 250 points.   This was all new to me never did it before so was ok.  I guess my question is void pool to get the maps or which bods are the best cost effective to make to get 700 points for the map, since any bod I make would have to be colored ingots for that many points.

And lastly does the void pool maps for mining always have the mining spot around Covetous, or does it go all over UO and same goes for the BOD mining map just Covetous area?

I am still new to the bods and rewards, checking them out   Thank you :)


  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,022Moderator
    I'm not sure what happened with the wine barrel, but I've started a batch myself to check.
    Ore maps are exactly the same from either Void pool points or bods, they can be anywhere on the facet - if you claim the map in Felucca you will get the Fel bonus.
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,701
    Fermentation Barrel:

    you can place inside 400 fruit (apple, grapes, peach, pear, or plum)
    & 1 yeast ++ works best 

    on barrel use context menu
    name your vintage 
    then click begin fermentation

    24 hours later 
    this is what you will get

    just double click to receive your wine


    success is based on Alchemy & Cooking skill

  • GoldieGoldie Posts: 142
    ok thank you, I'm getting more plums picked and going to try again later today.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,233
    They also keep producing wine every day.  Great for cooks making Plant Dyes.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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