Town Crier Wrong Quest. How is it supposed to end?

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A bunch of us did the quest chain, got into the dungeon, found the body. When we clicked on the body, it told us to return to the commander - but the quest had already disappeared (from clicking the body?) when we did so!

Was that the end, or was there something bugged?


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    Note: if the reward was to just be the book, and the knowledge of the chests down there - the red humans down there loot, and that's what happened to a couple of us. Another of us got the book while exiting the dungeon before ever making it down there, from trying to complete another quest (one of the live guards to be rescued - which ALSO disappear without completing their quest when you leave the dungeon).
  • BasaraBasara Posts: 160
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    After the posted "fix" to the town cryer quests. The quest NPC still tells me they can't offer it to me again.

    I realize now that I was checking on the wrong character, and got the title reward - but one of my other characters doesn't appear to even be able to start it (maybe, did the original version?)

    I wish there was a way to be able to recall the message from downstairs, from clicking the body. Things are too hectic inside to see what actually happens down there, and you can get spammed through or accidentally click on the pop-up down there and miss what is said, as there's no way to safely comprehend it in the surroundings.

    The second question also still remains. Are the rescues in there able to be completed, or do using the passages out of the cells (taking a longer path, but facing monsters as opposed to the jailers) breaking the quests?
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    "To reach the Demonic Jailor you must explore the mysterious tunnels, travelling through them randomly until one of the leads to your destination. Should he arrest (hit) you he will transport you to the Prison of Nightmares, a confusing maze of moving walls.  At its heart you may find treasure, but stealing it is hazardous, for it burns!"
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