pulled dead mobs healthbars remain

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"from the newletter5:
"Often when a mob is killed, its health bar greys out but remains onscreen and must be closed manually or when your hunting partners die, their health bar disappears and must be pulled again, hard in a crowd... Can this be changed for them to stay up?

If you have specific steps to reproduce this issue we can look at resolving the issue.  Please include which client you are using, where you are fighting, which mobs you are attacking, and any other specific steps to reproduce this issue 100% of the time.  From there we can look at improvements to healthbar functionality while hunting."

Classic client: method of slaying does not appear to be a factor,
not all creatures, happens maybe 1 in 3 times for the following creatures:
gargoyle, rat, mongbat, stone gargoyle, lich lord (did it one time out of 20), magpie, skylark, warbler, scorpion, giant spider, alligator, bull frog, giant serpent, swamp tentacle, tropical bird, raven, sheep, cow, hind, a great hart, goat, chicken, boar, chickadee, frost spider, frost ooze, ratman, polar bear, giant ice serpent, white wolf, walrus, snow leopard, drake, dragon, ophidian avenger

pulled Player's healthbars close 100% of the time

(Death of mob/player must occur whilst in range for bar to close)
this is a preliminary list only, other players please add on this thread, could not find any specific linking factor.

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