Orion you absolute LEGEND!

M&G he gives it full bore. FINALLY someone goes for it and the DEV team crumble.  This is the truth of it @Mesanna.   WE WANT SCRIPTING STOPPED.  Noted also you failed give confirm one of the 3 possible answers!
Bravo Orion.....You win UO today


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    again, IBTL

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    I love when people take things out of context.

    I think someone should post the M&G transcripts here on the forums because I know there are some people who do not read Stratics, or new players that don't know about Stratics and reading this cryptic post will only confuse them.

    Here is an excerpt from the M&G relating to the topic:

    Zirinia: I have a question regarding the new shard coming.
    Zirinia: More of a concern.
    Mesanna: we will be having a video meeting this week actually
    Mesanna: with more details
    Zirinia: I'm hopeful that you'll at least making steps to address the potential of the ease of illegal programs to be used on the new shard.
    Zirinia: If a regular shard was opened today, it would be overrun within the day.
    Mesanna: Know we are designing it with that in mind
    Zirinia: I'm not really asking for details, just want confirmation that something will be done
    Mesanna: anything else?
    Zirinia: Can I have a cookie?
    Mesanna: lol sure!
    Mesanna: we are not stupid to keep up with all the cheaters we would have to hire a full time
    Mesanna: hacker to keep up with everyone
    Zirinia: True story.
    Zirinia: They outnumber you anyway
    Mesanna: we are concerned, we do care, and we do what we can
    Mesanna: we are not looking in the other direction
    Mesanna: even though some of you think we are =P

    Everyone...well...a lot of people seem to think that she turns a blind eye to scripting and cheating....but it's like killing cockroaches....you squish the ones that you can see, but there are hundreds more behind the walls that you can't.

  • I got $50 that says @JackFlashUk and "Orion" are the same person.
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    lol yeah this flash is Lucky to even post here after all the shit eh say since months...onyl anger...
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    Having read this famed 'Orion' s question I can only think that the relevant answer was given Kyronix.

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