Calling all Ultima players to ask the Dev's to change house IDOC rules

ThorakhThorakh Posts: 15
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There are two main scripters getting all the 18 x 18's houses , Keeps and Castles in the game. These two have single handedly also raised the cost of housing to outrageous amounts of gold. The current way to determine if a house can be placed, after an IDOC, is by casting recall, and if you can recall you can place a house. This method makes it very easy for scripters to write code that detects this faster than other players and these two scripters get the nice housing spots every single time. I propose that the timer be truly random after a house falls with no methods to determine if a house can be placed, so that it cannot be scripted by these two players.
  1. Should the Ultima Developer's change the IDOC rules ?4 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
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