Prospecting Problems (Pt.1) - Saturday February 27th @ 8PM AEDT

EM ReiverEM Reiver Posts: 23Event Moderator
edited February 2021 in Oceania

Please join us at the EM hall in Britain , Saturday February 27th at 8PM AEDT .

Prospector Malcolm require some assistance with a matter of sensitive nature.
Due to the nature of the problem, we can't discuss it in writing - it will only be discussed eye to eye in the EM hall.  

Bring your best detective skills.

The event will end with a feedback session , so please stick around if you can.

Gates will be provided from Luna and Britain bank 30 minutes before event start.


EM Reiver


  • Hi Reiver,

    Welcome to Oceania.  Thanks for running events for us.  Looking forward to some fun and hi-jinx.
  • EM ReiverEM Reiver Posts: 23Event Moderator
    Thank you to all that attended , and thank you for the lessons of making the mobs too easy.. :)
    I greatly underestimated how strong you were, it wont be quite as easy next time!

    This cave will be expanded on during Part 2 of this event in march. There are clues and eastereggs to be found around the dungeon for those of you that couldnt attend - The cave is open all the way until next even.

    Thanks Oceania!

    EM Reiver
  • Good event thank you EM Reiver
  • thank you for the event EM Reiver 

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