pet Hitpoint suspected exploit

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"This is a lesser hiryu, there is a whole guild on Atlantic using these without any animal taming (requires only bushido to ride a 1 slot lesser hiryu) i strongly suspect the hitpoints on these is a bug, i could be wrong."-+-

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  • PawainPawain Posts: 4,122
    Ok that is good.  The HP-stam-mana is overcapped.

    However there are pets that spawn with over capped categories.  I hope they know the difference.
    The PP WW is one.  A Serpentine dragon is over capped.

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    Pawain said:
      A Serpentine dragon is over capped.

    Overcapped in terms of animal training, but not in terms of its natural spawning range. That is the criteria that it will be judged against. (Unless I've miss read the newsletter?)

    All creatures have a default range for each stat.

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