Gargoyle Altered Master Chef's Apron is NOT factored in for the crafting success rate...

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I just found out, with my great disappointment, that when the Master Chef's Apron that comes from Bulk Order Deeds Rewards ( )
mcapronMaster Craftsman Apron • Exceptional Cooking Bonus Apron •Stacks with talisman 410
Is altered for a Gargoyle crafter to be able to wear it, the Apron does get altered and the Gargoyle can wear it BUT, unfortunately, when one goes to then check the cooking Menu crafting success rate, the Apron does NOT get factored in, and stacked up with the Talisman as it should....

For example, 100 Cooking skill, wearing a Cooking Talisman of 29% Cooking Bonus, the success rate for Charybdis Bait shows as 34%.

If I also wear an Altered for Gargoyle Master Craftsman Apron with a 25% bonus which should stack up with the Talisman, the success rate to make Charybdis Bait remains 34% and is not increased by the addition of the Apron at all, as it should.

I checked various cooking items and it is the same for all. It is as if, when altering the Apron for a Gargoyle to be able to wear it, something gets broken and its Bonus is not factored in for the end success rate.

I also tried without the Talisman, just the 100 cooking skill, and the success rate for making a Charybdis Bait shows as 5%. I then put on only the Altered Apron for Gargoyles with a 25% bonus (not also the Talisman), and the success rate still shows as 5%.... as if I had not worn the Master Craftsman Apron at all...

I am quite positive that the Altering of the Master Craftsman Apron for Gargoyles breaks something in the code and it no longer is seen for the bonus that it is supposed to give.

Expected Result : That it gets fixed and it works, both alone and stacking up with the Talisman as it should.

Please, let us know when this bug if fixed (hopefully soon) so that Gargoyle Cooks will know that they can go back to using their character to make higher end cook items with a high failure rate which need the combination of a Talisman and Gargoyle Altered Apron in order not to fail too much.

Thank you.


  • there are similar problems when altering quivers of infinity where they lose the damage bonus.
    It was discussed in this thread, with Mervyn working hard to come up with arguments in favor of leaving it as is:

    Not sure if the two are directly related but who knows...
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    Make sure you are checking the correct success chance. There is the Success Chance and the Exceptional Success Chance. The apron only applies to Exceptional Chance. The example you gave of Charybdis Bait has no exceptional chance so the apron would not effect it at all. Not sure what other items you looked at.
    The talisman usually have both a success chance and exceptional chance - the apron is ONLY exceptional chance. Try wasabi clumps and see the numbers. The Exceptional Chance should go up with the apron.  
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    I just went and copied my crafter to Test Center with some BODs to get apron, alter it and give talisman and apron to a garg cook that I just made on second account on Test Center. I tested the the success and exceptional chance of wasabi clumps. The apron worked fine.
    With nothing but 100 cooking the chances were 60% success chance and 15% exceptional success chance. Added a tali with 29% success bonus increase and 30% exceptional chance bonus increase. My chances did increase to 89% success chance and 45% exceptional chance. I added the apron that has 22% exceptional chance bonus increase. My exceptional chance did increase to 67%. My success chance stayed at 89% - as it should since the apron does not give a success chance bonus.
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    Not a bug - User error
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