*sad face*

EM Artemis and EM Thrixx

Thanks for all the fun, all the death robes and all the deco.  Especially a huge thank you for your very last event, we were all tickled by the mongbat invasion (Save Trinsic! Clear the trade routes!).  You'll likely see some of us popping around to check on you. *wink*

safe journeys to you both
DevilsOwn, Governor of Skara Brae


  • Plus 1.  Thanks to both of you for the last event in Trinsic.  I'm very grateful you did the Mongbat Invasion in my town.  It was extremely enjoyable and all had a great time (except for Jack who was cowering in his office lol).  Thanks again for all of your hard work and i look forward to seeing you at your other shards events.

    Stay Safe (and keep the Rum supply coming)
    Jack Sparrow, Governor of Trinsic
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