So, it's been awhile! Hello again UO!

This time while (re)subbed for my annual nostalgia tour I decided to actually login to the forum and say hi. I wasn't a beta player but started at launch and my longest run was 1997 through 2003 pretty steady and I've come back for the different additions over the years. My homes have basically been Pac until Sonoma came online, then Wakoku when it and other Japanese serves launched and yes, as a non-Japanese speaking person, it was a wild ride there.

I just wanted to mention a IRL family guild that I ran into there and became friends with just in case any of you remember, XMG (whom I think had also migrated from Pacific or Sonoma to Wakoku but I digress), and just say how much I miss the woman who was the matriarch of that clan and went by "Hope" in-game. I believe there is still a vendor house in Malas on Origin dedicated to her and some of our other departed UO friends. She was like a mother to me, us, in addition to her own kin and I miss her every time I login now, over the years.

Anyway, a couple years back after having moved 2 accounts of toons to from Origin to Atlantic, a year or more back I transferred all back to Origin only to find Hope had passed and the shard was much emptier...colder.

Anyway, if anyone needs a hunting partner I have fairly stacked toons over a couple accounts (Samp, Leg Tamer, Leg Smith/Tailor/Artificer etc...) and would love to get in on some events with others or hang out and farm champs, whatever. I run Vmax, Hit Girl, Crystal, Corn Pops and some others so if you see my hanging around the Luna mint, say hi!


Since 10/2/97!


  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 1,179
    Welcome back!

    Yes Hope is very much missed, I have many friends who were in XMG.

    We need more people like you to come back home to Origin. I started on the shard day one and it has changed so much.

    I am running solo these days....have been in many guilds...Dynasty, BTH, my most recent was FL who was allied with XMG but have since left FL and now run without a guild tag. Guilds are like family and there are few left on Origin that I would call family though there are a few.

  • XrisXris Posts: 130
    I played origin on and off for about 2 years. Very quite, great for solo play. I left for a bit because my pvm toon couldn't defend his champs when reds showed up (which happened more and more). I'll be back someday with my pvp toon to help <span>:smile:</span>
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