There should be a [Timer] after a player is dismounted (10 Minutes) before they can be dismounted

TailTail Posts: 70
Dismounting has always been to overpowered since AOS when it was released. Someone should NOT be dismounted every second. This removes any type of counter play one could have. This should ahve been looked at a long long time ago.


  • ElvisElvis Posts: 53
    Mounts are overpower.  Make them get tired again.
  • CookieCookie Posts: 1,303
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    Agree on both suggestions.

    A huge problem now of course, is the scripted Dismounts, (and/or or macroed Dismounts from EC?). They are 100% accurate and faster than human reactions, and nothing can be done about them. They are also way too frequent, for a move that is basically the ultimate battle-changing tactic in large and small scale pvp. I have been saying this for a long time...

    From a gameplay perspective, there is absolutely zero fun in being dismount ganked.

  • TailTail Posts: 70
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    I completely agree with Cookie. This Script dismount thing is so broken and the only way it can be fixed is by making it so that they cant keep spamming it on you until they finally get the kill. if they fail to kill you on the dismount, you should have a chance to fight back before they can dismount again.
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    10 minutes ? are you out of your mind ?, maybe 15 second just like splintering, also same for disarm , put a 15 second cooldown
  • TailTail Posts: 70
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    The 10 Minutes was used as an on purpose over exaggeration. . .I thought that was pretty clear. However 15 seconds is NOT no where near long enough. you could still easily be dismounted right after a remount. A more realistic amount of time would be 2-3 Minutes.

    Reminder: After dismounted you have to wait 5 seconds to takes about 2 seconds to remount//thats 7 seconds. That only gives 8 seconds to not be dismounted. That means they can just keep doing it over and over and there would be no chance for  counter play. 

    The point is: If the dismounter dismounts you, and him and his guild try to kill you but you manage to out play them and get remounted, you should hae a chance to fight for a short time before they can dismount you again. This allows skilled players(Underdog) a (small) chance to fight back and win. (also this improves Solo Players chances to not die when they are out numbered and also team plays)

    There needs to be enough time that you have at least a chance to kill the dismounter before you are dismounted again. This allows good counter play. Also, this gives the stealther a slight advantage at what he/s supposed to be the best at...Dismounting. Right now, other dismounters are favored.
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    all kill is no skill
  • AniAni Posts: 23
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    Totally agree, dismounts are super ridiculous considering people can chain them back to back. 

    It would make more sense to add a 2-3 minute cooldown since dismount tamers are...

    allowed in PvP  :#

  • ElvisElvis Posts: 53
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    Get off bane, instant dismount bug and back on bane is dumb.  If pet have more than 100hp no remount for 90 second.  Or no riding a pet > 300 hps total.  Or nerf pet they like fighting 3 people now.  Instant summon and ride anniversary horse in combat script dumb too need fix.  People carry 8+
  • dismount is fine, just fix the no dachi.
  • ezikelezikel Posts: 90
    in general dismount is not that bad .Archer and thrower miss and get parry alot.they are vulnerable on foot and easy to disarm .bola only need 45 dci and zero skill .but its pretty easy to avoid and the guys using bola can be in trouble really fast.the only broken one is the no dachi , its instant ,barely never miss or get parry,can get you on foot on a full run and you cannot use your pet anymore . he got  a high defence in evade plus he got a bonus for using a 2 hand weapons.And its worst if hes a tamer with a bane .all the other pet are barely usefull and a bane  can kill you alone in 3 shot a kind of balance in pet will be nice.

    a quick fix no swing for 1 sec after you  jump off a pet and no swing for 1 sec after  you teleport.
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