An Arch Healing Spell

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An Arch Healing Spell

Have you every wonder why there was no spell for doing multi heals on several people?  Back when ultima was a PC game there was a Arch healing spell for casting on the entire party.  In other games as well there is a spell for an “Arch” heal.

Only the Paladin has a spell for casting across multi characters.  Noble Sacrifice, Attempts Resurrection, Cure, and Greater Heal on all blues within 6 cells of the caster.  

A Necromancer cannot do that, they have no healing spells of any kind.  Why?? 

 Mysticism has the Healing Stone, usable only by the Mystic.  There is also Cleansing Winds, a soothing winds cure poison, lift curses, and heal a target.  But no Arch healing.

In Magery we see “Arch” casting spells, Arch Cure and Arch Protection.  Now how many Mages use the Arch Protection?  A show of hands please if you ever used this spell with party, guild etc..

Now I really think it is time that an “Arch” healing spell was put in the game for the Mage.  Far to many times the Mage is in a support role as a healer and is constantly casting the greater heal across the area.  A group healing spell would help far more.  A suggestion, revamp Arch Protection?
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    An arch heal would be very useful as the one via Noble Sacrifice comes at too high of a cost for regular play. In general anything that helps make magery more useful would be welcome.

    There is the bard's arch heal that comes via the peacemaking mastery. But having to limit the bard spells to party members limits the usefulness of this in too many situations. 

    Me personally I'm all about some strange synergy between skills. I'd love something like GM Healing/Anatomy/Magery/Chivalry/Inscription and that combination gave you incredibly powerful arch heal, cure, and bless abilities as a 'monk' template. A more robust support template that could still throw a spell or two when necessary. 
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    Mysticism's Cleansing Winds does work as an "arch heal" but everyone has to pretty much be right on top of one another.
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    "mysticisms cleansing winds has quite a large range if you're in a party."-+-
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