Returning Player (Europa)

Hi All,

I'm a returning player (EUROPA), well been back about a week now.  I can not recall last time i played (around 2000 or 2001?).
Alot has changed and I've been doing alot of reading!
I have a trusty GM warrior with healing, swords, tatics, lumber etc which back in the day was the "MAN!", from reading and fighting it seems I'm as useless as a paper cup paper weight.....

I'd like to create a sampire and there are many guides but contradict when it comes to things like weapon and skills.
As I understand it, I need to train-
Necro 100
Swords 100
Tatics 100
Parry 60
Bush 100
Chiv 100

Armour with 70 reists and 40% HCI, 80% damage increase, +100 stamina  etc.

Weapon as double handed axe with 85% life leech and stamina, + DCI%

Does this sound all about right?

I also have a Treasure hunter which has GM Fishing.  He also has detect hidden and can not remeber why..  is this good for a treasure hunte?

Finally ...  I've always played a mage or warrior...  are there any other templates / roles that can be used which mix it up abit which are good for solo PvM?


  • psychopsycho Posts: 219
    Welcome back :)

    For a Thunter you dont need the Detect Hidden skill, but you might want Remove trap.  (It helps you disarm the treasure chest, the more skill the faster its disarmed if I remember correctly)

    The fishing skill has no use in T-hunts, fishing itself has alot of new stuff past 10years and its interesting by itself, but not on a Thunter template. What you could do is to get a soulstone (fragment or big soulstone) and put the skill there. then you have free skill to train something else on your thunter that would be beneficial. 
    Some T-hunters has i.e Mysticism, to spawn collosus to defeat the spawn.(requires focus skill as well)  Thunter need lockpicking also the unlock the chest.

    The different levels of Treasure maps makes great practice as you can advance onto higher levels once you master and conquer the current level.

    The template-speciffic for sampire debate I will leave to others to comment. My sampire has resisting spells also, but lower than GM in a few other skills (can be compensated with +skill items like jewelry)  70 resist on armor is a must, most also have max lower mana cost and HCI / DCI.

    Make sure your sampire has eaten a stat scroll +25 and a valigant scroll +5 so you get that extra +30stats on your character.

    Good luck, hope to see you around, ask for anything in gen chat if you need more answers :)

  • THuntedTHunted Posts: 7
    Thanks! Great tips.  Im going to leave fishing as I love it and I have all the high seas to play with.  His like a t-hunter / SOS capture!

    I thought remove trap was not required with magery and use spell? detect hidden, does it not now improve location of diging - hencing having it these days?

    It's understood I have stat increase already, i got a message for being a old player that raised stats?
    No hold on.. just checked my old char has 230 max.... some reason a new char I created has 260??  Whats ahppednt here???
  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,402
    welcome back.  Its a brand new game for you now, so much to relearn, so many changes.  Your t hunter will only need lock picking on level 4 and 5 maps. the level1-3 you can cast unlock on.  Remove trap even at GM you can fail.  But you get far fewer if GM then had none or only some etc..

    I used a tamer/mage for mine t hunter.  there is no lock picking on that one, if I am digging up a level4 or 5 map I will bring in a 2nd character who has locking or ask a friend.
    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
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