I am glad that Tears of the Ice Dragon is over... I HATE these damn Paragons...

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Well, the Developers want our feedback, understandably, and here is mine about the Event closing down....

As a footed Tamer of a 5 slotted pet using protection on (casting is ridiolously too slow with protection on....) I have to say that I wholeheartedly HATED the super hyper speed of the damn Paragons, their always retargeting on the Tamer and not sticking on the pet, and their super revealing powers revealing anything anywhere "no matter what".

Too many times I got killed by a Paragon BEFORE my invisibility spell could hide me !!
And even if I hid without getting killed, right away the paragon revealed me, and of course, on foot, I had no chance to escape and casting another invisibility spell would have been pointless due to the ridicolous slowness of the casting due to having Protection on.

Sticking my pet on the Paragon ? Forget about it, the Paragon way too often would disregard my pet attacking it and retarget on me...

Result ? Many, many death robes that I lost count of and so much insurance bills that I do not even want to know how much it cost me throughout the entire Event...

For me, it was no fun, I endured through it in order to get the Rewards I wanted but it was not fun gameplay at all....  I died so many times to these damn Paragons as they have beed Designed, that I lost count and, my insurance bills broke the roof by many, many times...

Honestly, it was unpleasant gameplay for me, these Paragons are just too much on steroids and, I hope, that for future Events their "super powers" will be toned down.

I do not mind them hitting hard, that is OK, what I really have an issue with, is their super hyper speed, their continuous retargeting, and their revealing "no matter what" at 12 tiles away, across walls and other obstacles and what not and, all these things combined together making the overall effect way more overwhelming then the simple summatory of them.....

I sure hope that, to make the gameplay of these Events again fun, and not an unfun experience, Paragons will be revised and changed in their uber super powers.

That is at least my take on them.


  • let me guess, you run a lot when around paragons, am I right?
    Try walking and they're less likely to retarget.
    Honestly your problems above are pretty much non-issues to experienced players.
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    I enjoyed the Ice event, no problems. One of my favourite dungeons anyway.

    1. The Loot table was not as strong, I think many good suggestions have been giving going forwards.
    2. This was one of those Dynamic events where for future reference - the loot table was not going to attract pvpers who care mostly about their characters equipment - so could have been held in a Trammel only ruleset dungeon.

    But again, a learning experience for players and developers.

    There were some nice rewards however, a lot lighter than Deceit, but still fun to go for.

    I did the whole event in Felucca, and had fun pvping my way through it, made the deadline quite hard in the end, got a little stressful, but it gave it that extra excitement that made it fun. :)

    The paragons are hard for sure, but Popps, you have to adapt a bit. Play in a team, listen to advice so many are trying to give you, switch to a more suitable character?

    I played in a team of 3 often, 1 mystic parry garg, and 2 thrower parry gargs, and we had no issues at all. Or when I soloed, I took a thrower parry garg, again no issues. The most basic character out there almost, can be built fast and easily.

    Whereas in Deceit, I had to give it everything, and managed to collect 800 items, in Ice, I did not try so hard or want so much so we made 200 items.

    2x Winter Lockets for the Gargs, I liked the design of these - worth having, 1 spellbook for the crafter, 3 x hedges for deco, and we even managed to buy and sell 1 deco item (tear of the ice dragon) for 30m, which set-up my boys new characters nicely.

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    Some posts have been removed. Please don't be tempted to make trollish posts, constructive input is more welcome.
  • So its ok to keep talking about a subject he has no knowledge of despite the amount of advise offered that he just ignores?   His moaning about paragons is just regurgitating closed threads.  He is the ONLY player that complains about paragons.  Maybe HE is the troll here Mariah?
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    Mariah said:
    Some posts have been removed. Please don't be tempted to make trollish posts, constructive input is more welcome.

    But mine was totally constructive: it seems that noboby ever cares for the poor Paragons feelings!!! :'( :D ;)
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    Someone please contact popps by pm and volunteer to take him to Ilshenar and teach him how to deal with paragons.

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