Can not sign in to Origin

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@Mesanna ;@Kyronix ;@Bleak ; Can not sign to Origin to make a purchase, 

Sign in failure

Sign in is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

Been this way all day, EA/UO is losing real money and yes I have cleared out all cookies.


  • I get this all the time, this morning in fact

    I use a Mac for all my online stuff so I don't know whether its a pc/iMac issue

    when I start the help/contact us I get right to the chat prompt and then my sign in is live

    weird but there we go
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    still getting the same message from all 3 of my accounts but I can sign into my game accounts with no problem
    @Mesanna @Kyronix
  • yep,  have you tried the help page, I start to fill in acct log in problems then for some reason the log in page works and I am in

    so just did it again and it worked

    contact us

    pc platform

    manage my acct

    cant log in 

    fill name and email

    when u get to the contact page with recommended support option do no more then go back to EA log in and refresh and it worked for me

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    LOL I just down loaded the Origin Client and was able to log in no problem but if I go to the web site from the UO page I can't log in, go figure
  • Super. At least you’re in 
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    We've reached out to our contacts at Origin, and hopefully they will get the issue resolved asap.
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    @Kyronix TYVM
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