a bit of nostalgia, returned to UO today

I came back to UO, on baja today after 16-17 years of absence.
I had fun here since 1998 around to 2003. I am Japanese, and was stayed in the US at that moment.
 a lot of nice players helped my English, I still remember many friends stopped me using those swearing words lol "wtf is not for you, Lia"  and such. I still can tell a lot of "you tube" contents includes those "bad language" because of this UO experience.  
 I played for a while today, I even forget how to run or walk, and  "which sign was for inn?"
 When I played everyday, I could reach any shop without thinking. 
 Today, it took for a long while to find smith shop, tinkering shop, could not buy regs either.
 any suggestions for reg buying?  
 or any suggestions  for which bank I use, so I can meet at least some players 


  • Play atlantic if you want to meet players and use the Luna bank.

    as for buying regs don't bother, just ask in chat for 100% lrc suit someone will give you.
  • thank you, I will try Luna bank, didn't know it exist! any hint is helpful. 
    Now I can recall between felucca and Trammel, I guess. I forgot which color is which, and almost get killed while I was checking my old house location! 
  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,174
    Sounds like you are on Atlantic.  There are a couple of guilds that do free crafting days for players.

    They happen on Saturday and Sunday.
  • I m on baja, at this moment. somehow they kept all the items in bank, that was a blessing!

  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,174
    You will find that all your weapons and armor are not as good as the new items.  Get in General Chat and find some helpful players.
  • I have never used chat in game. Is it okay to call out like "I returned here recently! anyone here? "
  • MargeMarge Posts: 605
    Always ok! :) There are alot of nice helpful people on Baja - its not as quite as it seems. Of course, at this time of night most shards barring Atlantic are quite.
  • my bank account is ok, and I have some crafting characters, so itemwise, I am quite all right.
    All I want is someone friendly, I lost all the friends on baja in this 15-6 years. I miss them.
    Thank you, Marge, I will call. 
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,114Moderator
    you may find this page of the wiki helpful: A Summary for Returning Players – Ultima Online
  • thank you, I will read it 
  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,534
    Welcome back
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    Treasure Hunters
  • dont waste your time on baja. make the move to atlantic
  • I have never used chat in game. Is it okay to call out like "I returned here recently! anyone here? "

    Welcome back Lia. Please do use chat! The player base has expanded quite a bit during the past months and it really helps to know who the new/returning players are.

  • KeelieKeelie Posts: 5
     Welcome back ! Baja has some of the best people!!  Just shout out!  I know I have some LRC trainings suits!
  • PotgutPotgut Posts: 1
    Don't through your old items out until you're certain they're worthless.  Some items that you have may have been worthless back then when you played, but today could be valuable to collectors. For example when I returned to UO I had a few items such as instruments and sewing kits that had, "Of Exceptional Quality" on them which I sold some of those instruments for 15 mil +
  • Thank you, for good advice, everyone. and sewing kits for more than million?? scary!
    I lost most of the items into voids and times, but it does not matter, I will adjust... or not.
    I was known as "can't kill the fly" type of player even with PK and Felucca only days. not really fighting type. I will try crafts first. 
  • SethSeth Posts: 2,305
    No worries, just get a slayer and you kill monsters that drop 2k gold each, or join hunt to get drops that can make you that much gold overnight... e.g. if you join others at Shadowguard and get a Cameo, you can be an instant multi-millionaire instantly. 
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  • thank you Seth, I am not really good at PvM either, but bit by bit, I will adjust. 15 years won't be filled that easy, but people in game told me that there are still some needs for ingots and boards, I will work :)  with me luck!
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,176
    @Lia_the_stitcher - there are still uses for resources but just an FYI that ore/wood gathering is now randomly generated (and changes type once mined or chopped). It's tough to actually stock a certain type of resource these days and many people have taken to the high seas to hunt pirates/trader ships for these resources.

    I wouldn't let that discourage you from playing how you want but this is now typically the best way to resources gather (if you wanted to try that).
  • Keven, thank you for the information. It sounds a bit hard for solo-players I guess. 
    and yes, I found that with 105 mining skill, i failed to smelt golden ores that was how  i noticed there must be a change. I keep blue, green, pink ores in bank and try for the mining or smith skill up scrolls first.  I heard about those 105-115-120 white deed. that is bulk deed reward item so I gather. 
     15 years won't make up for several days for sure :)  I already met several nice players, so...I am hopeful.
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,176
    Another tip is that there are ore smelting talisman you can get pretty easily as a blacksmith BOD reward. I'd suggest using those as they will give you 100% success rate at smelting (even valorite ore). 

    Also if you are gathering resources in Fel you will get double the amount.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,114Moderator
    If you enjoy crafting, bulk orders have changed considerably, in fact you might find several of the pages in this section interesting: Crafting also this page might prove helpful A Summary for Returning Players

  • SethSeth Posts: 2,305
    POF sells well, about 70k to 120k price range each. 
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
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  • Thank you everyone, and Seth, I still cannot figure out what POF stands for since i gather Japanese information too(for me, it is quicker to read) but this BOD sounds rather time consuming and that bribe system makes it more complicated, but I will try :) I lost my second account, so I need to make several craft char so I am self sufficient again. may be buying 6th and 7th character slots.

  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,176
    POF = Powder of Fortification. It adds durability to weapons. Critical for when someone is imbuing a new weapon (they want max durability) and also helps when other items get very worn down.
  • I will do smith BOD and aim for this, thank you Keven!
  • I lost my second account, so I need to make several craft char so I am self sufficient again. may be buying 6th and 7th character slots.

    Welcome back!
    There may still be a chance for you to get your account back, as long as you have some information. When I returned, I managed to recover several of my old accounts. If you send an email to the support team at support@ultimaonline.com they will open a ticket, and you'll have to answer some questions regarding your account. The more you can answer, the better, but you do not need to answer them all.
  • Acid_RainAcid_Rain Posts: 204
    We missed ya :)
  • Thank you, RothWynn, but they said some answers won't match, so it is okay with one account. Acid Rain. thank you, it is good to hear that, I feel like coming home again. Somehow, this is the only game I felt like "living" in.
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