Question on Necromancy Conduit Mastery...

Its description reads : 
The necromancer creates a conduit field at a targeted location that causes all targeted necromancy spells except blood oath to effect all valid targets within the field at reduced spell strength based on necromancy skill, spirit speak skill, and mastery level.
My understanding is, that the range is quite limited, the Necromancy direct spells with which I understand it works, excluding blood oath, are Pain Spike, Corpse Skin, Evil Omen ?, Mind Rot, Poison Strike, Strangle. Wither, being an AoE spell, gets no benefit from Conduit, I understand.

My question is, all that considered, is Conduit really a mastery worth turning on ?

It looks to me that the Necromancy spells by themselves do not do much damage, and Poison is most often cured by MoBs.

So, the bottom line is, do people actually use the Necromancy Conduit Mastery (and in what way, with what spells...) or do they prefer to use some other skill Mastery, instead ?

Thanks !


  • Conduit is handy for Juo'nar, the shadowlord, and the like.
    Command undead with Skeletal dragons...

    Animate undead spell...

  • conduit is very situational but in the right setting it will let you do tons of damage to a group of monsters. think choke points.
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