Cherry Blossom Festival

It's been a few years since I have had the last Cherry Blossom Festival and after the last year we have had I think we all need a fresh start on a positive note. As time draws near I will try to up the winnings but for now, let's just get it established what I am planning Deadline will be Spring ( March 21, 2021) which gives you plenty of time to get it done

1) a Spring House design/deco contest you will not only be judged on the deco but the build and the type of deco for the Keep or Castle you deco, I can divide the contest into two categories if there is enough interest, which would be a Custom 18x18 or smaller, category and a Keep/Castle category, this is plenty of time to work on your designs and deco. Rines to entries can be dropped off on mailbox at House of Rain in Zento, outside the gate by stables, and across the road. At least 1 Cherry Blossom Tree must be in the Deco and the theme is Spring, I will not post the $ amount winnings until I see interest in this contest (drop a rune marked to the house entry and your name on it in the Mailbox at House of Rain to enter, Houses MUST be public by March 20, the day before the deadline and I will set up Ballot boxes to vote on the best house,( this will count as half the vote) please only vote for what you feel is the best house and 3 Judges will cast votes to determine the other half of the vote. ........if you are interested in being a judge contact me only 1 judge per group of people/or guild (judges may not enter house contest)

2) Fishing Contest: 3 separate ones, heaviest fish for January the Winter Dragonfish 3 mil gold,.... February Spring Dragonfish 3 mil gold,.... and for March an easier catch the giant Koi 3 mil gold. One fish turned in per character at The House of Rain right outside the gate by stables in Zento and across the road (I know this doesn't seem like many winnings and it could or could not get added to. it's just something I used to always do and I will see what interest there is since we also get fishing contests from our EMs sometimes. (If by chance we have several multiple fish the same weight as the largest, contestants can roll dice and the 2 highest rolls will each get the 3 mil gold) one per division contestants of all 3 months will win the second prize of 1 mil gold

3) While fishing in Tokuno save or sell on venders, all your Obsidian and Roenick pirate Death Certificates ( I think They would sell well especially with a deco contest and to support the EM,s ) I know I myself buy such. Might I also add save any current or past EM of Catskills names on death certificates I could add something for that, are they dated?

Cherry blossoms are symbolic of the spring – a time of renewal. They can also represent the fleeting nature of life, since their time in bloom is so short-lived. Although the beauty of cherry blossoms will no doubt take your breath away, you’ll find that these blossoms sadly die back after just two weeks.

Jaden Rain


  • ((SPECIAL Role Play Award to best Village deco'd for this festival theme is Spring and a Cherry Blossom Festival for the Villages))
    Jaden Rain
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    Added a Garden bed for one of the  prize for house deco contest
    Jaden Rain
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