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Ok I am in the process of having to redownload and install the EC from the website due to reformatting my windows 10 laptop.  Great, the download of the client took about a minute or so.

I started patching at 9.35 am this morning, it is now 12.26 pm and the thing is still patching the huge 2495 mb.  I will let you know exactly how long it takes when the bloody thing finishes.  Right now I am aggravated as all get out.

@Kyronix @Bleak is there anyway the download of the client/s can be updated so that it is up to a current state of being patched so that people do NOT Have to go through this.  Yes I am logging in from Australia and the internet here is not that crash hot, at least where I am, but it still shouldn't  require this amount of patching. 

The client download has not been amended on that site for years it seems. If you want to attract new players with EJ then having an up to date 'PATCHED' client download may actually be a good thing as those interested in playing  or testing it out may lose interest in the time it takes to flipping patch.

EDIT:  NOW I am super pissed.  Got to 12.47pm and get a flipping PATCH ERROR! 
So 3.5 hrs and a patch error, ffs. Here we go again.

Luckily when i restarted it it opened up and patched completely after another 5 mins.  So took from 9.35 until 12.52 to patch. 

Cheers MissE

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    I think you are misunderstanding the process. The first download is not the client, it is the installer. That's why it only takes a few minutes. The second, longer download, is the client.
  • MissEMissE Posts: 680
    Aye well whatever.  Point is once you download it and it installs the client, you open the client as installed and log in using your normal login and then wait 3.5 hours for it to patch.  My point is it it shouldn't require that amount of patching on a fresh install of the client. It should be UP TO DATE.  It shouldn't need to patch for that amount of time.

    Cheers MissE

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    It is upto date. You download the installer. What you are seeing as 'patching' is the download of all the rest of the files that make up the full client. @Bleak can you explain this more clearly than I please?
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    Hmm... apologies for my intrusion, but maybe, to avoid ambiguities for the not "IT savy" players, in the Client Download page, at the "Already subscribed? Download the client" point it cuold be better to write instead "Download the installer"?

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